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* With environmentalism and green thinking reaching the pinnacle of public appeal in recent years due to global warming, an increasing focus has been put on stopping pollution, especially carbon dioxide emissions. As such, the main battle has been waged against air pollution, while water pollution has not been in the public limelight. This does not mean that the problem is any less important, or any less pervasive however. Water pollution is caused by the release of any type of foreign contaminants into a body of water, or spilled in the watershed of a body of water. Perhaps the most common causes of water pollution are simply dumping of garbage and waste. Physical trash like cans, bottles, can rings, and the like commonly accumulate in bodies of water through littering. Worse still is contamination from bacteria, worms, and viruses present in sewage. Many undeveloped countries dumb sewage straight into rivers, lakes or the ocean. Industry also causes water pollution in the form of chemical runoff and spills, as well as heat, or thermal pollution, caused by allowing unnaturally heated water to enter natural bodies of water. Other toxic metals, salts and acids are dumped into water bodies from industrial processes. Immediate effects of Water Pollution

* Water pollution can have a drastic impact on aquatic life in any body of water, which can result in the complete elimination of certain species. Chemical compounds can be toxic to aquatic life, and heat pollution can create an environment that causes aquatic animals to have difficulty breathing, and maintain the correct level of oxygen to survive. Additionally water tainted by pollution will likely be toxic to land animals that attempt to drink it, meaning pollution reduces the amount of safe drinking water that humans are able to use. As the population of humanity increases, and demand for water goes up, the importance of clean drinkable water will continue to rise, so water pollution is likely to become an increasingly critical issue. Other Effects of Water Pollution

Apart from shorter term effects on aquatic ecosystems, and the palatability of water, water pollution has several other detrimental impacts. For one, the air contains a certain amount of water vapor which is in a constant cycle of rain and evaporation from bodies of water. The more polluted water becomes, the more likely that harmful pollutants will evaporate into the air along with the water, increasing air pollution and causing rainwater to become acidic. Thermal heating is also a potential long term problem: global warming as it is conceived of today primarily deals with a rise in air temperature which in turn warms waters and melts the ice caps, but water is a much better conductor of heat than air, so heated water runoff raises the temperature of water much faster than hot air can. Additionally, water pollutants can easily find their way into aquatic creatures, which are int turn, eaten by land animals, and somewhere down the line, ingested by humans. So not only does tainted drinking water pose potential heath threats, but so does food which comes from animals that have been affected by water pollution somewhere down the line.

Water pollution is together with air pollution the most serious form of environmental pollution. Water pollution not only does huge damage to our environment but also to our health. Water is the most precious resource on our planet, and water pollution is the main reason why freshwater resources are constantly declining, and the worst part in the whole story is the fact that there are still many people in the world who do not take water pollution problem seriously.

The contamination of water bodies has tremendous negative impact on environment, it has ability to destroy many animal habitats, and cause irreparable damage to many ecosystems. Water pollution is not only killing millions of people around the globe each year, it is also killing millions of plants and animals that simply cannot cope with the increasing levels of water pollution caused by different chemicals and other waste.

In some areas of the world water pollution issue is totally out of control, and in these areas polluted water spreads different toxins and other chemicals into environment, making it dirty, and above all unhealthy place to live in.

The main problem with water pollution is the fact that in many countries around the globe large industries still continue to dump different types of waste into streams and rivers because there is the lack of controlling mechanisms that would keep their eyes on these industries and prevent them from dumping industrial waste into water bodies.

If this world really wants clean environment, then the crucial thing to do is to stop the two most common types of pollution, namely the air and the water pollution. However, world still looks to be lacking global will needed for such an action and this is the reason why these two forms of pollution will continue to deteriorate our environment for years to come.

The aquatic life is mostly affected with water pollution, and water pollution can even lead to an extinction of some animal species, like this was the case with the Yangtze River Dolphin.

Chemical compounds and other water pollutants cause aquatic animals difficulties with breathing while on the other hand these chemicals can also be quite toxic for land animals once they drink this polluted water.

The environmental damage of water pollution doesn’t stop there, water pollution also increases the impact of air pollution, because the more polluted water gets the better chance there is that some of these pollutants will evaporate into air. Polluted water is also one of the major contributing factors to acid rain creation, and generally speaking this is certainly one of the biggest environmental problems.

Id world currently doing enough to tackle water pollution issue? I will answer this question by saying that almost one billion people in the world still do not have access to safe drinking water. *

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