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CBD and Zone of Transition Essay Sample

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CBD and Zone of Transition Essay Sample

What’s in a CBD?

In the Central Business District there are usually many things that are normally found there such as comparison shops, banks, and lots of people, centre of government / town hall, tall buildings, transport, traffic, and entertainment. Most of these services are there because the CBD is easy accessed and many people go there. In the CBD the land prices are high so many places build upwards not outwards.

Comparison shops

In most CBD’s comparison shops will be there. This is because the shops have a high threshold which means they need a large amount of customers. The comparison shops usually cluster together because people don’t wont to go far to compare the different prices. Comparison shops like to be in the CBD because they need the customers and the CBD’s easy to get to. The comparison shops like to have wide shop fronts; this is to attract more people. Mainly chain stores can afford displays.


Generally in a CBD’s you will find a range of banks. This is because the banks can afford the land space. The banks like to be at the very centre point of the CBD. There are many reasons why banks like to be there; there are more people so therefore more customers and the shops use them to pay money in and out. The banks cluster in the CBD because they all want to be in the centre and they can afford to be.


People are always found in the CBD because it is the easiest place to get to with a range of transport. People also go to the CBD because that is where all the main comparison shops are. Additionally there is a range of services in the CBD which people need to access.

Centre of government/ town hall

The centre of government/ town halls is normally found in the CBD. It is regularly found where the town started up but sometimes that isn’t the case. The centre of government/ town halls is found in the CBD because then they are accessible. Also they are there because they are large and administrative.

Tall buildings

Tall buildings are found in the CBD. This is because it is cheaper to build upwards than outwards because of the high land price.


A range of different transport is always found in the CBD. Examples of transport; train stations, bus stations, taxi depot’s, cars and walking pedestrians. These different transport services are found because many people want to go to the CBD so transport is needed.


Traffic is constantly in the CBD. There are high amounts in the CBD. This is because numerous people go there every day using cars, motorbikes and buses. Wherever traffic will be there will be people. Congestion is a major problem in the CBD because of all the people wanting to get there and the traffic.


In the CBD there is a variety of entertainment services. Usually there are theatres and cinemas. The entertainment services like to be in the CBD because of the amount of people.

Zone of Transition

What is the zone of transition?

The zone of transition basically is a zone of change. It is the change from the CBD to housing. There is a large difference from the CBD to the zone of transition. The zone of transition can be described as drab which means it’s dull, colourless and rundown.

What’s in the zone of transition?

In the zone of transition there are usually big car parks, homeless people, alcoholics, rubbish, graffiti, convenience shops and small hotels. Most of these are in the zone of transition because they can’t afford to be in the CBD or can’t be in the CBD.

Big car parks

Big car parks tend to be in the zone of transition because they use a lot of land. Also the land price is lower in the zone of transition than the CBD so the big car parks can afford the land.

Homeless people and alcoholics

Homeless people and alcoholics are in the zone of transition because if they’re in the CBD then they get moved on and end up in the zone of transition. Also they aren’t allowed in the CBD because they will be giving a bad impression of the town.image02.jpg

Rubbish and Graffiti

There is rubbish and graffiti in the zone of transition because the council doesn’t regularly clean it up like in the CBD. This is because the zone of transition doesn’t give a bad impression of the town if it looks bad whereas the CBD would give a bad impression of the town.

Convenience shops

Convenience shops are in the zone of transition because they can’t afford the middle of the town (CBD) because of the high land prices. Also in the zone of transition there is less competition for the land unlike the CBD and so the convenience shops can get the land.

Small hotels

In the zone of transition there are small hotels because they don’t have enough money to get into the CBD because they are small businesses. Additionally in the zone of transition there is little contest for the space.

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