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Celebrity Essays


About Madonna

One of the most recognizable and successful entertainers in history, the woman known by the one word appellation “Madonna” is a figure of fascination for many. Feminist theorists obsess over the various ways by which she has shocked and amazed

Ronald Regan meets Demi Moore

It was a hot, summer day.  The line for Space Mountain was well over two hours, but the children were very anxious to experience the whirls, turns and exhilaration for the very first time.  They remembered to bring their game

The Life of Kimberly N. Kardashian

Abstract Kim Kardashian is the reality television star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, an American alpha-socialite, entrepreneur, model, and actress. The Kardashian name first came to public attention due to the O.J. Simpson court case for murder in 1994.

Tabloid Magazine Comparison

Magazines are produced everyday and every night. It is bought all around the US in almost any convenient store. There are your sports magazines, gossip magazines, celebrity, the average person, breaking stories, comedy magazines, and mainly anything that has to

Stress Of Being a Celebrity

Last week, a woman signing herself “Want the Truth in Westport” wrote to Ann Landers with a question she just had to have answered. “Please find out for sure,” she begged the columnist, “whether or not Lena Horne has had

Bryant Pharma Case

Question 1: Should Byrant Pharma approve Laura’s idea? Why? Why not? Byrant Pharma should approve Laura’s idea for the following reason: A dramatic increase in the sales was the objective since the market would be flooded with generics in a

Trascription Lady Gaga and Jonathan Ross

The uses of spoken language vary in different contexts. We have come to rely on chat shows for new personal information about our favourite celebrities. These exclusive interviews are the only way the public can get a look into the

Being rich to being famous

I know that there are many rich and famous people such as movie star, Angelina Jolie, pop singer and actress, Jenifer Lopez, owner of The Apple Corporation, Bill Gates, Princess Diana and UK queen Elizabeth around the world. They became

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