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Cell Phone Essay Sample

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Cell Phone Essay Sample

Do you like to look up stuff on your cell phone?
I think cell phones should not be used in class because of distractions, Students will text in class and then cell phones keep kids from their work. First reason I disagree with cell phones in class in because they might distract students from doing there work in class then if that happens then the students is grades are going to go down and cell phones might make students fail there class if they ain’t going to do there work and just text there friends around the school, Also most of the students have a cell phone of there own and other kids may have to get there own cell phone if they cant afford it then the school is going to have to purchase alot of cell phones, And the students should know that the school maybe cant afford alot of cell phones for almost the whole school, Or if the high school don’t need cell phones to do there work then maybe the school could purchase only the junior high side cell phones. The second reason I disagree with cell phone use in class is because they might distract students and if that happens there not going to do there work,

So they will really hurt their grade for the semester and maybe the whole year, And some kids want a good grade for their class, And maybe most of the class doesn’t want cell phones for their class, And would rather use the text books for their work sheets than the Internet. The third reason I disagree with cell phone use during class because they might disturb students from listening to the teacher and also if that happens the teacher will write up the students and the kid will get in trouble with the principal or either get in detention which is bad for the students if they are a good kid or if they don’t really get in trouble, But if kids do get the cell phones then there should be rules for the school. So then these were my three reasons, My first reason was ‘Distractions” and was about kids texting instead of working, Second was “grades get lower” was about ignoring the school work, And your grades get lowered down. The third was “don’t listen to teacher” it’s about getting written up and getting in trouble for their cell phone.

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