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Cell phones have brought a whole new meaning to the word multitasking. You can use the phone while waiting on the bus talking to your friend, cooking dinner, shopping, or even driving in a car all though you should not use your phone in your car. Reality is that these cell phones have made the world a better place and keeps improving it. Although some argue that cell phones have a negative effect on our society, cell phones actually provide humans with everything they need.

Cell phones were introduced in the 1940’s these were based on radio technology. They introduced in service cars like taxi cabs and police cars. It was a two way radio technology. In the first generation Motorola was the first company to introduce the first portable cell phone. Motorola has been developing the communication technology of cellular phones. In the 1980’s a lot of cell phones were not designed to be handheld. Cell phones became popular and received demand from the public during the 1983 to 1989 period. The earliest models of the 1st generation cell phones were shaped like tote bags. These were hooked up to the battery of the car through the DC (direct current) outlet.

In the 1990s the second generation was introduced. They had faster network which worked on radio signals replaced the analog network frequencies advancements in batteries, computer chips, etc. This decreased the chances of calls being dropped thus improvising on call quality. In the third generation you can message other user via sms (short messaging service) send emails, access internet, stream live videos, radio, and Wi-Fi. The final generation in this present day is the 4th generation which is ten times faster than 3G network. 4G is all about the speed and performance. You can get one of the newest smart phones HTC Evo, Samsung epic, HTC Evo shift, t-mobile g-2, T-mobile myTouch, Samsung galaxy S, HTC inspire, Samsung infuse, T-mobile sidekick, Motorola Atrix and more.

Getting cell phones do have its disadvantages. For example not having face to face contact, this barely happens anymore. This is an important part of our lives. In the article “She Got To Have It” by Elisa Batista she states “cell phone users between the ages of 16 and 40 from several countries and found that teenagers were so immersed in the technology that they often saw little difference between meeting face to face and talking on the phone”. Since we got phones now today it is now in the past. But it does allow us to keep in closer touch with our families and friends. Cell phones are intertwined with our lives no matter where we are.

Probably are great grand’s or people back in the by gone days would have said it have been a lot more peaceful and quiet, no interruptions or noise. In the past people were a lot more patient, you had to wait to find out things. Getting information wasn’t as easy as it is now. If you wanted to get directions to go to your destination if you did not have a cell phone or GPS, somebody would usually go around asking how to get here or there, People in the past would use a alarm clock, if people want to listen to music they just get a radio, CD player, or any other technology but when cell phones came in to play it all changed.

Teens between the ages of 14 all the way to college are to most likely own a phone. Mostly the older teens will own more phones than the younger teens, there percent of owning a phone is higher. Girls and boys are likely to own a phone despite their race, culture, or religion. This graph shows that older teenagers are more likely to own mobile cell phones in 2004 through 2008 than younger teens owning cell phones. Eight out of ten teens that are 17 have there own phone, which is 84%. The largest increase of teens owning phones is around 14.

In families with the highest level of income are more likely to have phones more likely than families who have a low level of income. Cell phones can get very expensive and occasionally cell phones can be free. Cell phones price can get up to 1000s of dollars or more, if they have the best quality, speed, and performance. The expensive cell phones will be worth it because it will be better quality. They provide just about every thing that you need in your daily lifestyle.

Cell phones are such great gadgets; you can talk to any one, any place in the world. They provide incredible functions and new ones are being added at a very fast pace, that’s depending on the model of course. Cell phones can be used for some other things like providing knowledge, skills, behavior and attitudes that will help you succeed in your school, your jobs and lives. Imagine in your school teachers handed out cell phones so you can use them for homework or a class project. That just shows teachers and students how dependable cells can really be. Cell phones are getting smaller and more powerful each day that’s how they will change over the next how many years. The next generation will be even better than what it is today.

Cell phones makes our lives easier, just imagine the pain and frustration if you lose your phone. Most mobile phone users do not backup their phone data. If you do, you have saved yourself a lot of pain and frustration. A lot of cell phone users use the mobile phone only for two main purposes. One to receive and make calls and the other to send and receive text messages. However, the mobile phone is not just for communication purposes. The advent of the cell phone has certainly affected the lives of users and non-users of this modern technology. They can be one of the most convenient forms of technology and sometimes a real pain.

Probably in the next two or three years, cell phone networks will move data at several megabits per second, and will come together with WiMax, Wi-Fi, and for TV. The headsets will have some sleek designs, the battery life will be better. The camera will have high resolution and other image capabilities. This high technology is being developed right now and has no doubt that we are going to see these advanced devices in the future. What do you think the future of the mobile phone will hold?

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