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Have you ever been in the car with someone and all of a sudden their phone becomes the center of attention? If so, this has been a big issue, usage of cell phones while driving. Although there have been several laws banning the use of cell phones while driving , drivers still manage to do so, especially teens. They may use a cell phone to make or call, or even answer a text, but the effect of that is not imaginable. Cell phone usage is most common especially with family members and friends, but do they know the outcome of the situation? The reasons teens use cell phones while driving is very difficult to determine, but the effects of it is very visible because it; distracts attention, causes accidents or deaths, and it affects the mind.

Cell phone distracts the driver in many ways. For example, the emotional stress involved in the conversation can lead to unawareness of what is happening on the road. Having to dial phone numbers and answering calls really take their attention away from the road. It is hard to look at the dangers of using a cell phone when there are so many good uses. Many people depend on their phone for several reasons; their job as well as family, but is answering the call while driving worth the effect? It is possible for them to take a minute and get off of the road and talk before heading back out; this will eliminate a lot of problems.

Another effect on using your cell phone while driving is accidents. Most accidents occur because teenagers, as well as adults do not pay attention to their surroundings once they receive that disturbing or interesting phone call. It has caused many unnecessary injuries to people around them. Even though the cause of them using their phones may be important; that one decision should not put anyone life’s in jeopardy. Many deaths have occurred because of cell phone usage while driving. Would you want that to be you?

The outcome from accidents that occur from cell phone usage can also affect your mind. Once drivers mind or body has been exposed to an accident, the driver becomes nervous every time they enter a car. Cell phone usage while driving can cause lack of physical control as well because only one hand is available to operate the wheel. Having both hands available for the steering wheel is important, especially during emergency situations. When talking on cell phones and driving at the same time, drivers tend to hang onto that phone rather than drop it for vehicle control. Whether drivers realize it or not, cell phone usage dissimulates your mind while driving.

In conclusion, the usage of cell phones while driving can affect the safety of other drivers, their mind, and even their own lives. One of the most effective ways for cell phone usage while driving is prevention, which involves drivers to pay closely attention to the road. Do you want to feel threaten every time you get behind the wheel? Of course not, cell phone usage while driving have causes and effects whether drivers pays attention to it or not. Every decision counts.

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