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Censorship: Should Public Libraries Filter Internet Sites? Essay Sample

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Censorship: Should Public Libraries Filter Internet Sites? Essay Sample

The Internet is the best communication technology and it is also a great technological tool to learn, study and interact with the whole world. There are many people who use the internet for positive causes. However, some people use the internet for negative reasons such as watching and publishing pornography, there are some people who even search them on the internet in public places like libraries. These situations bring out the controversy of whether or not Filters should be installed in public libraries? Personally, I strongly believe that internet filter software should be installed in public libraries. First, there are children in the libraries, and we should protect them from seeing things that they should not see. Children can learn a lot from the internet. There are many sites they can visit to help them with homework. However, their curiosity may lead them to websites not viable for children. The internet filters software can protect them from this danger. Also, most library filters leave the choice of what to block in the hands of the filter administrator who selects the categories to block, so the people ask library staffers the permission to access the websites that are blocked.

Second, internet filters also have other advantages. First, filter software can protect the data of businesses; companies also need to protect customer information to keep it from falling in the wrong hands. Second, filter software can identify internet theft is a real threat, because hackers are skilled at getting people’s personal information and using it to commit fraud. Third, filter software can make the employees more productive, because there are employees who spend many working hours surfing websites unrelated to their jobs. Some people think the government needs to stay out of everyone’s personal business; installing filter software is not a solution to all things and it cannot take the place of responsible use. As for me, I agree with these in some situations, but I do not agree that “They give parents a false sense of security that their children are protected” (Kranich, Paragraph 1, sentence 2).

Also, I think the government can be in people’s personal business when the problem is related with public places. Libraries must have internet filters installed so that children cannot view inappropriate material. That is why the government should censor out inappropriate websites and photos or anything that is deemed unsuitable. Safety is a major concern in the libraries, at home and in the office. Using Internet filters can prevent students from browsing pornography, chatting rooms and gaming websites rather than focusing on the work they are supposed to be doing. Children can learn a lot from the Internet; there are many sites they can visit to help them with homework. However, their curiosity may lead them to websites not viable for children. Filtering the Internet network can protect them from this danger.

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