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So class my name is nick I hope you got that right on our extra credit. I am going to do a dedication speech on this class. Yes this might be weird to give a class a dedication but this class was different. I first want to start off by saying thank you professor Lima for teaching us so much about public speaking and how to open up. This class was definitely a different thing every day either by watching amazing videos, doing improtuse, and doing speeches. You can probably agree with me when I say every day that during this class there was something that either made you laugh or smile. If every one of my classes like this I would probably wouldn’t mind going to class. I got to say that I have never known a class or had more fun than this speech class. I usually only know like 4 people name in a class but this class I pretty much know every.

This class had a lot memorable time the political debates, Fran calling out that lady about Obama, Justin speech on fantasy football, David amazing speech on beer but sorry David I am still going to drink Coors light and bud light, Fran motivation speech, karmarie speech on why procrastination is good which I believe that is why this speech is so good because I did it this morning, I wish I could talk about everyone speech but I would probably go over the time limit or see that card from jade saying SIT DOWN NOW I couldn’t pick a better group of random people to take this class with, we have such a divers class and this is what made our cultural speech interesting because everyone had something different to talk about and great video by the way baroy with the drums. When I have to pick one thing that made this class so fun I can’t pick one thing beside having a amazing teacher with a great circulaum and great classmates that make up this class . So to end my dedication to this amazing class all I have to say is maybe we can get a class hug or just throw a party on the last day…. I will bring the beverages;)

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