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Have you ever dreamt to study abroad? It’s really interesting and challenging opportunity. For me it was difficult and lots of work experience. Otherwise, when you travel for doing studies especially in foreign language that you don’t speak it, I face a lot of difficulties and all of these difficulties would be converted to advantages in future. Since I have started my goal to travel to the USA, the responsibilities are increasing. First of all, being far away from your country and family is very hard feeling for everyone. However, I become very independent and responsible for a lot of things. For example, I have to pay my bills for water, gas, electricity, phone service and car insurance. In addition, I started to take care of your house or apartment cleaning and wishing the dishes. At the end of this experience you would have good life and future. If you study abroad, you will do many things and your life will be completely changed and different. Moreover, studying is one of the most important parts in your life.

I’m as an international student and i don’t speak English as a native language, I faced lots of difficulties in studying in math, geography and anthropology classes because they are not in my language and i need to do translations. However, i will be well educated in English and other studies. All these hard work would help me to how grow up your child and family in good way. I become more independent and responsible in future, I have to study not only English for all kind of classes. Friends and environments are only the way to lead you to go up or down as good man in the schools or any institutes. Make sure that you chose right friends to help out in your studies and learn from them the good things. The best Friends are smart and cool. For example, I have got bad friends who teach me to smoke and drink a lot but I moved out from their apartment and I study hard for school.

So, be careful how to choose friends and try to be nice with everybody. Internet is only way to reach goals these days. In the USA I use the internet help me on my works and I sometimes find really hard time to figure out how to use some websites especially school website and see the homework which our lecture send to us as an email on the university website However, your abilities to use computers will be increased. Finally, All these difficulties that I covered are going to be a good experience in near future even they are bad. In the USA, life without internet’s nothing and you need to be well acknowledged about the internet. Even if I’m far away from your country and family, i can be patient and communicating with them always. Try always to focus in your studies even if it’s not good environment to study. Chose friends, classmates carefully because they the way to success. It’s my unforgettable experience ever.

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