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It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. ~ Charles Darwin As a manager do you feel that you are an initiator of innovation or of positive change? This is a question that managers in all companies need to ask themselves. Innovation and change go hand in hand, as there has to be some sort of change in order to have productive innovation at work. Managers really should consider some of the following: * Making mistakes will happen and should be tolerated. Employees who make mistakes should feel that they can learn from them and get better. Some of the greatest innovations were made after numerous failures. Without these “mistakes” some of these innovations may have never been. Failure can sometimes be the greatest deterrent to employees’ willingness to experiment (Lesser, 2011). * Risk taking should be rewarded. Employees’ and people in general should be encouraged to take risks and work beyond their operational boundaries.

This requires that a system of rewards and recognition be in place for those that exhibit stand out qualities. This rewards system should include creative rewards and company wide recognition, but should not be monetary in nature (Lesser, 2011). Having this system in place will keep the moral high and inspire others to continue in their creative pursuits. * Keep communication open. Communication comes in many forms; there are company newsletters, employee meetings, and postings. These should alert employees as to how they are doing and when there are successes and failures. These forums should also spotlight employee ideas and recognition that is due. A good example of keeping open communication is to have monthly employee meetings. At these meetings you can update employees on company progress, have some fun acknowledging employee accomplishments and milestones.

This is also a good place to show employees where the company is going and the vision for the future. * Leaders should be accepting of hiring and cultivating people with stronger skill sets than their own. This is the belief that by hiring people that are all have higher strengths the manager/leader will in turn be raised. Inherently with all this change comes some resistance from current employees. Organizational changes is not just a simple movement from point A to point B, but more like a journey where all will eventually be needed to further a company’s worth. There are some top reasons for this resistance. They include; * Employees fear that change will lead to loss of job.

* Employees are unsure if they will have the needed skills for future success.
* Employees were happy with status quo.
* Employees may also feel that they are required to do more with less do to the changes happening.
* Mistrust of the change and the people implementing it.

Each member of a management team has its own role to play when it comes to innovative change. Human resources is the like the back bone for these changes in the way that they will have a hand in helping managers and company leaders decide who is best for the different tasks that they will be implementing. This works by the human resource person(s) showing where employees need to be and what skills they possess. Human resources can help at advocating for the employees when change comes into play. An HR representative can provide perhaps the best insight on recruits and current employees. An HR representative is also responsible for helping to implement company change, provide mediations when employee personal lives effect work performance, and lastly to uphold relations between employees and management.

In conclusion the way to have innovation in the workplace is through change, this change may include a change in staff and/or policy. These changes should include rewards and acknowledgement for current employees and incentives for future employees. With all change there is a chance that there will be some employee hesitation and resistance. The company is taxed with the responsibility of calming employee concerns and weeding out, so to speak, the employees that do not share in the company’s change. Human resources is an integral part of this change and bridging understanding between employees and upper management. Achieving this will ensure that employees are happy and in turn the company will continue in its success.

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