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Between 200 CE and 1000 CE, the Mediterranean region experienced both changes and continuities. Throughout this period, the Roman Empire encountered changes in political systems and culture. Although the Roman Empire encountered in changes, they also encountered in continuities such as; Christianity and patriarchal society.

At the start of 200 CE, the Roman Empire was enormous and expanding. The emperor was highly powerful. Cities in the empire served as the center of art, music, and literature. Under the Roman rule, people felt safe in and out of the empire, they felt protected. Trade led to cultural diffusion and the spread of technology, knowledge, goods, and ideas.

In 600 CE, the Roman Empire fell. Due to the lack of centralizing forces, invasions could not be stopped. This then caused the establishment of outsiders bringing in their own values and beliefs. At this time, many people turned to Christianity as a unifying force. Feudalism began to develop at this time; the local leaders became powerful.

By 1000 CE, regions around the Mediterranean were more politically fragmented. Feudalism was a way to organize people. Roles were dictated in everyday life; soldiers/knights fought and farmers/craftsmen worked. Protection was key, due to the lack of protection along the trade routes, trade was limited. Overall, there were a few constants in Mediterranean culture. The rich still had power in society. But most of all society was still patriarchal. Men were viewed as superior to women. Women were still expected to be domestic workers and they were always subservient to men. For Christianity, people were still willing to accept the culture because they believed that it was a unifying force.

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