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Changes and Continuities in Ancient China Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

During 500 B.C.E to 500 C.E there were significant political and cultural changes and continuities in Ancient China. Which changed how the chinese civilization is managed now. Emperor Qin unified the empire, Qin also had a centralized imperial rule. The Han Dynasty had a centralized bureacracy. There was also civil service exam. Many changes kept occurring. They formed legalist policies. The mandate of heaven was kept going as well as the Dynastic Cycle and the Han dynasty collasped.

There were many significant political and cultural changes and continuities in Ancient China. In between 500 B.C.E to 500 C.E at the beginning of time it was the period of warring states. Four Different dynasties declared mandate of heaven and fought for power. Qin, one of chinas first emperors unified the empire. He managed to create many huge construction projects. He also caused both extreme

cultural and intellectual growth, and as well as destruction within China. Qin made china’s empire

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run through a centralized imperial rule. The Han dynasty had a centralized bureacracy. They also had a civil service exam government based on merit. There were many political and cultural changes and continuities in Ancient China.

At the end of time in Ancient China in 500 C.E the Han Dynasty collasped. It collasped because of the corruption of the officials from the dynasty who were like puppet emperors. They were given orders to the warlords in their kingdoms but rebelled against the dynasty. They also rebelled against their government and the emperor, which has to do with the state of lives they lived included in the Yellow Turban Revolt. There were conflicts between in the Han Dynasty in China, which led to the formation of the Three Kingdoms also known as The Battle of Red Cliffs.Legalist policies placed because they were easier to follow. Mandate of Heaven was still perserved so that citizens could make sure they had a good ruler. Dynastic Cycle kept occuring because of the mandate of heaven. This changes and continuities occurred to prevent a second period of warring states and the mandate of heaven was preserved to keep good rulers.

During 500 B.C.E to 500 C.E there were many significant political and cultural changes and continuities in Ancient China, which changed how the chinese civilization is ruled today. Centralized bureacracy in China provided the foundations of political systems used in the world today.

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