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Changes in Family Life Essay Sample

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Changes in Family Life Essay Sample

At the turn of the 20th century, America as well as Europe noticed a considerably change in family life; smaller households, less marriages, more divorces and the form of unions to name a few. With this change in the 1960’s to be specific, family life changed with some of those reasons being with the liberation of women, sexual freedom and a growth spurt in the economy. Women were no longer waiting to start families without husbands, begin to work outside of the house, improving their political status and this also contributed to the increase in their income level but because of the single family, women were working longer house in order to support their children. Another change was when The FDA (Food Drug Adminstration)(2012), introduced the birth control pill durirng the 60’s, giving women access to the pill both medinical and over the counter, but at the time, it was only for married women. Some critics cite the weakening of the family as one of the causes for problems that society face today and I definitely agree with that statement because the values and beliefs during that era (such as my parents) meant something, as did family-two parent.

The difference today is evident, as there are much more killing of children, sagging pants, child abuse and so forth, you really didn’t hear much of this during the 60’s. The only evidence I can see as the family becoming weaker could be the fact that more women are having children as single parents, rather than being married. Divorce rate rose dramaticaly with 75 percent of women and 80 percent of men, constituting a new union -unmarried (Cliquet). I also believe that family life is just different than it was during the 1960’s. More and more women are the bread winners and dads are becoming house husbands/stay at home dads, and they are becoming more educated. I’m really torn between the experts. On one hand to strengthen the family, God needs to be put back in the household as well as the schools, less time should be spent at work and more with family, and more discipline in the family without fear of repercussions. On the oppossing side, a family can consist of a single parent and child and that’s ok. Society should and need to accept what is real, and that is that the family of the Cosby, Cleavers, and all those TV families of the 60’s are non existent in this day and age and should adapt to changes in the family structure.


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