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Changes in technology affect the gathering and presentation of information in different types of media, for example desktop publishing within the media means that you can arrange things how you want them to and how to catch the public’s eye. By doing this you can produce an efficient piece of work in a short period of time. Over the last ten years fibre optics have been used within the media and

within the media and communication transmissions. The advantages of this are that it has a large data capacity and isn’t subjected to electrical interference. Fibre optics transmissions are in infrared and as infrared light is a low frequency form of light it requires less energy to travel as far as it does.

Due to technology getting more up to date by the minute the changes in the media are much faster and this comes down to the use of satellite communication. Satellites can be used for sending information to and from places, for example the use of e-mails and you can send and receive messages in a matter of seconds anywhere in the world. The changes that satellites have made to the media is that they can send and receive information much quicker than before as they are closer to the source of the signal, they do this by bouncing the sources off each other and then relaying it to the data and to the users desktop. Satellites are used in communications and media so that any media signal can be beamed around the world in a matter of seconds ensuring news and current events happening in one part of the world, so then it can be seen across the globe instantly.

On television the news is on every hour on channel five whereas on digital television it is on for 24 hours a days giving updates in the news, so media is always on television to every home in the U.K.

Also connected to satellite is the Internet, communication is sent all over the world from satellites orbiting the earth 500 miles away.

Analogue transmissions have now moved to digital because analogue signals are transmitted via a continuous wave like form but due to it travelling so far the wave degrades. This is why digital is much better in quality and is degrade less and its capacity works much better than analogue. This change has affected TV, radio, and mobile phones and now police radios as the public are unable to pick up the signals and therefore cant listen in anymore.

To conclude the change in media and how it has changed is that as technology has moved on over the years it has affected the way things are being presented and how it can get to no information within minutes, for example September 11th was on our televisions just minutes after the first plane had crashed into the first tower, and how it came on our TV as ‘breaking news’ and that they had a news correspondent there live in New York. Also another change in the media is mobile phones as they are getting more gadgets on them each month like for example cameras.

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