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Activity 1
I was wondering about the night life here in wellington since it was my first few days in the country. My flat mate (receiver) is from a conservative muslim family who don’t live a night life, when I’ve (sender) asked him (channel) about it in more details but he seems less aware of the night life and so I said to him that he’s a “momma’s boy” (noise) of which he wasn’t happy about (massege) and started going bonkers (feedback). Hehe anyways then I had to explain (context) more in details to say that it is just a saying mostly used for complements or a casual element. Barriers Occurred_ perception is generally how he (receiver) interprets the word around him. In this case communication breakdown occurs if there is wrong perception by the receiver. To overcome_ channel and barrier (perception)

Activity 2
Channels of communication in modern days are emails, telephone, online video conference and noticeboard but above all face to face communication is regarded as the most effective of all.

Face to Face:
Adv_ most effective
Dis_ time consuming

Adv_ easy access both for company and customers
Dis_ spam or junk issue

Adv_ its one to one and more effective
Dis_ can be expensive

Online video conference:
Adv_ it will convert casual web window shopper into serious buyer. Dis_ if you’re not available 24/7 it could frustrate the buyers.

Adv_ Great for one way channel
Dis_ they often can go unnoticed

Adding to that Marilyn vos Savant quoted;
«Email, instant messaging, and cell phones give us fabulous communication ability, but because we live and work in our own little worlds, that communication is totally disorganized.» (

Activity 2.2
Face to face (internal), it could be one to one or a group one. In this instance, face to face channel will be a lot easier and effective to communicate in business and different people with diverse life and career experiences by sharing meanings and building understanding for a single goal.

Activity 2.3
In tall organisations communication barriers are often an issue. The first would be Information overload, without a complete control over the information, communication will most likely to misinterpreted or forgotten or overlooked. Time pressure, often a barrier to big organisations too. In a haste to meet deadlines, massages are partially given or not completely transferred. Complexity is another barrier that big organisations face. The bigger the organisation the more likely complicated the structure is. Which often becomes a barrier for the people’s inner growth within the org.

Introduction; im writing to you in response to your report to investigate the issues that were behind the lack of hygiene in the kitchen on the 7th aug 2010. Procedure; me and the secretary had an one to one conversation about the issue and came up with the following outcome.

Findings; according to the secretary, we need to have a health and safety or a hygiene instruction in the kitchen for everyone one to be aware of the hazards. She also added a lack of an official duties to keep clean in the kitchen. As the secretary tries to keep tidy it’s the rest of the bunch who are negligent towards the kitchen leaving things everywhere, as you have noticed earlier on Thursday and Friday. As people left food in the fridge for weeks, I feel like it’s an adult we all should be responsible for our left overs or to clean up after which never happens or mostly the case. The dishwashers needs to be emptied once washed and to put away all the white wares and silver ware after and the bench tops should be clear at all times. As from the conversation, the secretary and I both thinks there should be a roster 2/3 a week to keep the kitchen tidy to avoid any future hazards. In the mean time I would like to reassure that there will be strict and positive measures to improve the life in the kitchen for the future visitors to avoid any discomforts.

Conclusion; from what I got from the secretary and from my own findings that perhaps we will call for a team talk and find a way that assures a healthy and safe kitchen. Your feedback however were very important and we do appreciate co-operation in regards.

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