Character Essays


Paul Marshall Commentary

McEwan uses Paul Marshall’s character to convey his implicit social class through the use of literary devices. McEwan exploits sentence structure to portray Paul Marshall’s lack of accomplishment in his life, as he is able to illustrate all his success

Fasting Feasting Extract Close Analysis

In the ending of chapter twenty six, Mrs. Patton decides to request Arun to join her and Melanie ‘to spend the day down at the swimming hole’. The swimming hole is used by Desai to illustrate America and nature. It

Joe-Bob - Creative Writing

Joe-Bob sat despondently in Mr. Martin’s Barbershop at the corner of Kentucky Street, waited to be served. The barbershop was empty because he was early. He was early because he had taken the day off work to get some hair

Miss Smith

So that night James decided that it was time for something to happen to Miss Smith. He was so mad at her that he would go to any lengths to get revenge on her. He knew that the only way

The Lady of Shallot Evaluation

Tennyson first verse sets the reader a beatiful picture of the landscape around Camelot. “Gazing were the lilies blow”-not only is this qoute appealing to the reader because the ideal of crisp white lilies blowing gently in the wind create’s

Susan: A Morally Developing Character

The Last Silk Dress by Ann Rinaldi takes place during the Civil War in the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia. Susan Dobson Chilmark, a gorgeous, intelligent, dynamic fourteen-year-old girl, who vows to devote herself to the Confederacy and the Cause,

The Road Vs. The Pesthouse: Hope and Love

Attaining happiness is the ultimate goal of most individuals. In their lives, several people have happiness in the form of love and hope which they gain through the support of family members and dear ones, but they fail to acknowledge

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