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Every teacher wants to be a good teacher, but what is this myth about being a ‘good teacher’? Who is it? What are the characteristics of a good teacher? And how can you become a good one? I think the most important characteristic of a good teacher can have is to be friendly and congenial with his students. It is a plus point for a teacher, if his students can share their problems with him, without being afraid or hesitant. In my opinion, students have always thoughts their teachers as their enemies (in a funny sense though). With this mentality, they can never be close to each other, and besides that how many teachers did you like who were NOT friendly, and were rather arrogant and rude? Another important characteristic of a good teacher is his knowledge and own education. As there is a saying that ‘a teacher is only as good as his knowledge is’. After all, he is doing a teacher’s job, which is to teach. If he himself lacks in the knowledge of a certain subject that he teaches, he is never going to make a name for himself as a good teacher.

So, sign up with only that subjects which you have really good expertise; and it is a moral duty of every teacher too. Otherwise, it is not worth it. Apart from his knowledge and education, a good teacher should also have the characteristic of being an even better listener. You know that they say “If speaking is silver; then listening is gold.” Remember, a good listener will always have many friends and fans. Because people do not want to hear every time, they need persons who can listen to them as well. And when a good teacher develops this patient quality in him, he starts to become a great teacher. Anyone can be a teacher, but only few can become good teachers. The development of a good teacher is a slow, ongoing process. It requires dedication and discipline to the profession.

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