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For each of the categories that were decided to be the most important qualities in a president, there were many past presidents that appeared to excel in each area.

Communication: We decided that our President should possess the communication that President Reagan had. During his time in office, he was considered to be “the great communicator”. While he was president, almost everybody could relate to him, he had everyone’s trust, and used the technology of his day to his advantage. With that, everybody knew what was going on in the White House, around the country, and overseas. However, F.D.R. also was an excellent communicator. During World War II and the Great Depression, Roosevelt’s fireside chats always kept the American people informed and up-to-date with what was going on.

Leadership: For the characteristic of leadership, we chose President George Washington. First of all, he was the first president ever, and that is a huge responsibility. He took charge of America when it was not that powerful and the people were divided, and brought unity and strength. Washington was unanimously elected to lead the people in creating the Constitution, which is obviously a very important document in America. Our other choice was Lincoln. He was powerful, unique, and fought for equality in America. We ultimately decided on Washington though.

Military Experience: For this trait, we chose President Ulysses S. Grant. He possessed many qualities that led to his military greatness, he knew a lot about the operations of an army through person experience, he was an open to new ideas given by people of lower rank, and was able to accept his flaws and make adjustments. He played a large role in important wars such as the Mexican American War in 1846. Our other options for this were Theodore Roosevelt, who won a medal of honor for his service, and Andrew Johnson who was elected military governor of Tennessee.

Intelligence: We thought that the President Frankenstein should have the intelligence that President John Quincy Adams had. We looked at past research of the IQ points of Presidents and he possessed the highest of IQ 190. The runners-up were Bill Clinton with an IQ of 182 and Jimmy Carter with an IQ of 175.

Political Experience: For this quality, we thought that our President should have the political experience of President Richard Nixon. He served both in Congress and in the Senate. Later he went on to be the Vice President of President Eisenhower. Other presidents that qualified for this were John Adams who served on the Continental Congress and then was Vice President to George Washington, and Gerald Ford served 25 years on Michigan’s 5th congressional district and then was the first person appointed to the vice Presidency under the terms of the 25th amendment.

Economic Plan: We chose our President to have the economic plan of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Under F.D.R., America was facing an economic crisis similar to the one that President Obama is dealing with today. But he brought America back to strength with how he controlled American panic and stabilized the banking system, bringing America back to prosperity. However, President Reagan also had a successful economic plan which also overcame a troubling economy and eventually brought the country back to extensive success in stock on Wall Street.

Flexibility: For the flexibility category, we chose President James Monroe. Research shows that he was the most moderate President ever to serve, and was openly willing to work with both Democrats and Republicans to compromise and get laws passed. Other more moderate presidents that have come through Washington and worked with both major parties were Dwight D. Eisenhower and Barack Obama.

Foreign Policy: The best foreign policy in the history of Presidents was that of Dwight D. Eisenhower, and that was the one that we wanted for President Frankenstein. He brought a new look to American national security policy, nuclear weapons played a big role in his diplomatic efforts, and he was also an important figure during the Korean War. Other Presidents that had a successful foreign policy though, were President Truman, who guided the U.S. through the end of WWII, supported the creation of Israel, and the beginning of the Cold War, and President Wilson who was President during WWI.

Appearance: For the appearance of our President, we chose President John F. Kennedy. Of all of the presidents’ official portraits, he appeared to be the best looking, as well as he was the unanimous choice of best-looking among websites everywhere. The other president that was considered to have a good appearance was President Obama. Kennedy is very classic and young-looking, so that is why he was chosen for this quality.

Family: In terms of the ideal First Family, it was decided that it should consist of a wife and between 2 and 5 kids. So, we chose the family of Gerald Ford as the best match. Ford had one wife, 3 sons, and 1 daughter. Other options for a good presidential family could have been that of Millard Fillmore; who had 1 son and 1 daughter, or George W. Bush; who had a wife and twin daughters.

Relatability: For this category, we thought that a president coming from a humble background would fit the best under this category. So for relatability we chose President Herbert Hoover. He came from a middle-class upbringing; his father was a blacksmith and owned a farm, and his mother didn’t work. This made it easy for him to relate to the average American. Other Presidents that weren’t necessarily born into wealth were Truman and Ford; who were both members of the middle class, and Jimmy Carter; who was a member of the upper-middle class.

Social Plan: Finally, a President whose social policy made a mark on history was that of Abraham Lincoln. Obviously, he was President during the height of the Civil War and eventually signed the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the slaves. He preserved the Union, ended slavery, and promoted social modernization at the time. This was a huge moment in United States history and clearly a famous revolution to past social policies. Another president who also had a great policy on social issues of his time was Wilson; who was President during the Prohibition. However it didn’t compare with the greatness of Lincoln.

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