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Charles Darwin and Humanistic Theories Essay Sample

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Charles Darwin and Humanistic Theories Essay Sample

Humanistic Theories are actually focused on “the capacity for personal growth, freedom to choose our destiny, as well as, our positive qualities that will make us better people” (Ticao, 2001). Darwin exhibited the aforementioned when he was in College wherein in: 1) even though medical studies was excruciating, he did his best to grasp the art of taxidermy; 2) he bonded with the Plinian Society to mold himself with regards to debates; 3) he befriended a Botany professor to know more about the study of plants which is actually one of his addictions; 4) he studied hard for his final exam and asked for his professor in Botany to become his private tutos (About.., 2007). This only means that he actually did something to make his life better (About.., 2007).

Furthermore, Humanistic Theories actually follows a phenomenological worldview, which focuses on the importance of our own perceptions toward ourselves, as well as, our world to be able to comprehend our personality (Ticao, 2001). The following may attest to the aforementioned: During the Spring of 1817, Charles Darwin, was considered to be an introverted and withdrawn young man (About.., 2007). In spite of that though, he has the courage to tell wild stories and to boast or brag the athletic skills he knew he had (About.., 2007). He was ill-behaved and loved to be at the center of people’s attention (About.., 2007).

            Moreover, according to Humanistic Theorists, individuals have “the capability of coping with stress, controlling our lives, as well as, reaching our goals” (Ticao, 2001). This makes possible knowing and conquering the world and ourselves, of course (Ticao, 2001). They believe that human nature can also motivate human beings into action (Ticao, 2001). To prove the aforementioned, let us take a look at this: Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” covered several topics including: a) variation under domestication; b) variation under nature; c) struggle for existence; d) natural selection; e) laws of variation; f) difficulties on theory; g) instinct; h) hybridism; i) imperfection of the geological record; j) geological succession of organic beings; k) geographical distribution; and l) morphology, embryology, and rudimentary organs  (Darwin, 2005).

However, no matter how detailed and technical Charles Darwin put it, several of his ideas/theories were in conflict with the Bible, which actually produced a lot of stress on his part, but fortunately, these did not hamper in reaching for his goals. Explaining further, some of the conflicts aforementioned include the following: Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection is considered to be dangerous, beginning in the 19th century until today, since it directly contradicts belief systems of how life existed on Earth (Frequently.., 2001).  The fact that the question, “How did the first life on Earth form?” cannot be answered by the theory of evolution is quite a big issue already for the theologians (Where.., n.d.). For them, man’s origin, rather, the story of creation can only be proven by the Scripture (Where.., n.d.). Another cause of rage from those who believe in the Bible is Darwin’s reiteration that humans evolve from monkeys or apes (Wikipedia, 2007). According to the Bible, humans did not evolve from monkeys or apes.

Yet another cause of dispute is the fact that the phrase used by Darwin, which is “Survival of the Fittest” is considered by moralists as an extremely offensive way of speaking about how living things, especially, humans survive (Wikipedia, 2007. For the religious groups, what is technically referred to as “survival of the fittest” does not only justify violence, aggression, sadism and cruelty but  enhances the aforementioned acts as well (Wikipedia, 2007). Other reasons, on the other hand, as to why “On the Origin of Species” is unable to convince those individuals who believe in the Bible: a) the absence of in-between or “transitional” forms as fossils, b) failure to explain how complex body parts were created, for instance the eye, c) the unexplainable concept of phylogeny or that all forms of life are related to one another genealogically (Wikipedia, 2007).

            On a final note, humanistic theories have the following characteristics: 1) it gives emphasis on personal responsibility; and 2) it takes into consideration personal growth (Ticao, 2001). Charles Darwin, therefore is a role model based on humanistic theory.        


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