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Charles Darwin Essay Sample

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Charles Darwin Essay Sample

Darwin’s evolution theory, expounded by the process of natural selection (survival for the fittest) has drawn a lot of controversy, especially in religious, scientific and/or academic sectors. Darwin believed that all the species in existence today originated from a single form of life by a process he called “speciation”.  That is, from the single form of life, gradual branching process led to the species in existence today.

In my opinion, the Public opinion of Charles Darwin has not changed since 1859. This is because the Darwin’s evolution theory is scientific and has been well-supported by scientific evidences, even in studies over the recent times. Fro instance, his theory that species survival or extinction depend its ability to adapt to its surrounding has been scientifically proven. Though many believe in biblical creation, Darwin’s theory still holds and wildly studied. Researches has been conducted since then up to recent and especially a public opinion poll, which was recently conducted Gallup in 2004 showing the same results like another one conducted in 1982, showing support for Darwin’s work. The questionnaire used to conduct the research had similar questions like those used in 1982.The result showed people who had higher level education was the one who much supported the Darwin theory and the least to support this theory were the uneducated. The young people who seem to be unreligious are much likely to believe in this evolution theory than the same category of older people. There has not been a such big change which could have changed the minds of people in that time which the opinion polls has been taken up to now.

Many people still view Darwin as successful scholar and pioneer in scientific thinkers and researchers. He is viewed as an intelligent person who came up with evolution theory, which is supported by substantial evidence making it to be much real. The other group of people who does not believe on Darwin theory thinks Darwin as being a person who contradicts the biblical believe of creation in the genesis book and thus does not recognize his work as being important and worthy to be appreciated.

I believe that Charles Darwin deserves a good respect and recognition for his great work which opens doors for further studies in the scientific world as well as understanding of the nature.


Berra, T. (2009). Charles Darwin: The Concise Story of an Extraordinary Man. Baltimore, Maryland: The John Hopkins University Press.

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