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Introduction of TOPIC

I am a loyal supporter of the constitutional rights of the people. The first revision makes us certain of our rights to freedom of press, religion, speech and the entitlement to appeal. I firmly believe that the right to religion constitutes the freedom to worship anywhere. This would incorporate places of worship schools. I believe that it must not be up to the state or school administrators to make a decision religion in schools. If it is correct to practice. In school many have debated that taking a moment of silence, and prayer shouldn’t be allowed in public schools. No one should ever be pressured to do something that violates their faith, race, or ethnicity. As schools all over keep debating the prayer issue, some are allowing students to express themselves by doing it.

In my opinion, prayers should be open option that students can choose. Schools do not support the children to contribute in religion activities. It is ok for a child to sit at the lunch table and pray over his/her food prior to eating since it is not instructed by a state administrator like a teacher. Also I believe that it is not consistent with the legal. The state believes that it is best to separate religion and school. This is the point where religion is separated by the state. I think it is in harmony with the legal example. No one can inform a child that they are not permitted to pray no matter where they are. This gets in the way with the first amendment.

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