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Chemistry Project Essay Sample

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Chemistry Project Essay Sample


In the present age, there is a great treat of soil as wells air pollution caused by polythene. The disposal of plastic is a great treat for mankind .it has affected living as well as non-leaving things. To solve this problem and to save our environment from various harmful effects of polythene, this exhibit has been prepared.


This is based on the following principals:-
1. Prevention of soil and air pollution caused by polythene. 2. Utilisation of row polythene by converting it in to useful products likes, carbonic acid (H2CO3) and fuel.


Thermo cool charts, cotton, stand, pipe, card board.


The plant consists of four furnaces of different sizes. The first is larger and has two inlets for sand and polythene. It has two outlets, one for smoke and other for molten material formed during the process and a heater is fitted which works on the principal of biogas at the base of the furnaces .A mixer is placed at the upper end of the tumbler. The first furnaces are connected to the second furnace. The second furnace has one inlet and one outlet. A small quantity of cotton is kept inside this furnace. It provides a continuous supply of water from the bottle kept at the stand. Second, third and fourth furnaces are connected with each other respectively and smokeless chamber is fitted at the top of the fourth one. Polythene and sand are drawn into the first furnace through the respective inlets in the ratio 5: 1 (ratio is 5: 2 for making hard tiles) the apparatus is made air light. The polythene starts melt. The mixer also mixes the polythene and send.

Thus a soften material is formed. This softer material is collected in the tray outside .On cooling it forms hard tiles, which are used in the paving of footpaths, making of bundles etc. The smoke produced during the process comes in to the second furnace. The carbon monoxide (CO) firms carbon dioxide (CO2) .Which forms carbonic acid or soda water (H2CO3) after reacting with water. This can be used in the laboratory. However hydrogen and other parts of this smoke are combustible and can be stored in the third furnace from where it is supplied to the fourth furnace and used it is supplied to the fourth furnace and used as fuel. The heater, which is kept beneath the first furnace, is placed under the smoke oven, which provides heat energy by burning the fuel.


The model is prepared at a very low cost. It also a benefit if the awareness is given to people living is rural as well as in urban areas.


1. Cheaper
2. Can be implemented successfully in rural areas.
3. Controls air and soil pollution.
4. Eco friendly
5. Creates job opportunities
6. Multiple useful products (like tiles, carbonic acid, and fuel) are obtained from harmful product polythene.


1. Science project books
2. Encyclopaedias
3. Resource CDs
4. Internet

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