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1.1 There is a huge pattern in development from birth to 19years in all children and young people and all these developments if done correctly or not will affect in their later lives.

Physical development is very important and change gradually through the years from birth to 19years this has a lot to do with how the skills can develop in motor skills, fine skills and also a big part in their co-ordination. Communication development and intellectual is very essensual as this show how well the child or young people develop through mouth and communicating through different stages in life as this is very key. These are good ways of show how the child or young person is developing as they would be able to solve problems and make decisions easily. Social development is also very key as this can help them in life with developing social skills a good way of recognising this is if they develop good friendships and relationships. Also co-operating with each other and working together for example play is used often in young children at school as this helps them develop by using the imagination, provides freedom and increases the knowledge and understanding which are all key areas in social development.

1.2 S.P.I.C.E is involved a lot in child development social, physical, intellectual, communication and emotional .if a child or young person struggle with one of these areas such as social, physical, communication development then the child can be affected the ways of a child being affected by this are signs of low self-esteem lack of developing emotional skills, intelligence skills will be affected. For example the less social skills a child has it would later develop difficulties when they are older. They would act nervous around other people, the wont be able to work in big groups which could affect in a working environment, the early stages of development is very important. As a few examples

Year 4 trip outdoor centre (water rafting) (bridge building etc) This will be good as they are bonding and working together which is good for social skills without this they would all struggle in completing the task. If they need to use directions to go to the next task then their intellectual skills will come in by showing where to go or solving problems. Intellectual is very important because without it they would have no sense of direction. If one on the task is to build a bridge using certain amounts of equipment and everyone needs to need over this would use physical skills. Without this children wouldn’t have the coordination or strength to get the plank to the other side. If instructions are given the would need to read them out clearly and communicate promptly so the other children can understand the tasks, if they struggle with this and have no confidence they would be stuck and in cases the task will be misunderstood. The children with also need to trust the leader or others in the group and this were emotional development comes along if they cant trust other then they have know self-esteem which makes it difficult for the child and will be a problem in later life .

Cooking (5-6 year olds)
The child could decide in group what they are going to have on their cakes decoration. with is they are making discussion together and thinking about what others would like which means they are working together using there social skills . If things need stirring up together then they need to know what kind of texture they are looking for and what it should look it, so physical skills coming into it with using the hands and eyes and could be tasting There will be certain amount of flour they need etc so it needs to be measure probably so the children intellectual skills come in to the fun. And means they are learning and knowing the importance as the recipe could go wrong otherwise. They need to keep a good communication between each other example when they put it in the oven and how long it needs to be in for so making sure they know the timings. The completion of the cakes after they will feel happy were their emotions come in as they have baked something themselves and they feel good about it and they all worked to together so friendships are built.

So with these example you can see that without the virtual key development in life the tasks wouldn’t of been successful and if a child who hasn’t developed the virtual skills will struggle to complete tasks and will effect them in life by not able to physically do things, struggle with communicating with people and would find it hard to deal with stressful situation.

The kind of influences and experiences a child goes through is very important and can impact them in many ways for example is there background isn’t so great it can affect them a lot. For example if a child does have a secure family unit like the parents split up or violence have been involved the child will be affected and can also affect they way they see life when they grow up and the influence could pass it down without even realising.

The Childs health can affect the child for example if a child is seriously ill and need to be in hospital all the time they will miss out on school and also their social develop will be affected as they cant really interact with their friends as they aren’t seeing them as much . I am at a school at the moment we have a child who is now off until next term as she as bad feet which have been operated on , this now means she’s going to miss a whole terms of learning . The school are doing there best to help by giving her work but there only so much she can do as she is not their in class to learn it. This will affect her now as she may be behind when she returns.

The environment can also affect the child’s or young person’s development in or out of school. for example in school if children are learning and there is one child in the class who keeps disturbing the lesson, the lesson will be put on hole until the child has been dealt with if the child keeps doing it more and more children will lose concentration which means they miss important things in class, in some other children may think its acceptable to do it and may follow and also disturb the lesson and this is down to teachers weather they can take control and sort it. In a case where I was at school I remember a teacher who just let child continue to disturb during an exam. And because of this a lot of people failed that exam because of that child influences.

2.2 If I had a concern about a child and young person development then I would speak to the teacher as they might have already recognised and have information about the child. If not then it’s something to look into. In some cases the SENCO (special educational needs coordinator) will be informed Which has happen with a child I am working with at the moment? A child in my class was struggling in talking out and it was discovered that the child has problems with speech. And the child needed speech development, obviously this will have something to do with the background but as my role I can’t know all the details. But if this wasn’t recognised or ignored then child wouldn’t if got the help they needed.

3.1 Transitions are very important in children and young persons most children go through them at some point in there lives. Here are some iv identified all children go through the transition of moving to secondary school from primary school which means this is a big change . If you think they are moving to another school which will be bigger the year group will be bigger in some cases up to 200 children in one year and they will be loads of new faces. Its one scary event in life which everyone goes through.

Another transition all children and young people go through is puberty and into adulthood, these times are very hard for every child and young person as they all develop in different ways .

3.2 They are some transition only some children go through which can be very difficult especially if it’s only them out of there friendship group is going through it. For example if a sudden death in the family happens the child can feel confused also anxiety can kick in and some children feel scared as they don’t want it to happen to their parents or brother/sisters so this affect the child emotionally and mentally.

Also something else IV identified is separation in parents and I know this affects children in a big way and can be very damaging and distressing for a child. From one day everything is all nice in the family home to screaming and shouting things being chocked everywhere it’s not a nice environment. Routines change as one day they could being seeing their mom to the next day seeing dad. As well the children can feel alone. In some cases the oldest child struggle to show emotion as they tend to look out for the younger siblings and be there so they so again these ways can affect the children emotionally, mentally and social skills.

3.3 In many way transition in children and young people can affect there behaviour as well as their development. For example if the child when their where younger was brought up in an unstable environment with also break down in parents and some cases violence being involved, children can be influenced in many ways . they can become very withdrawn, nervous when being approached by adults also the child could end up being very angry and distressed which can affect their school work or the way they are with friends

In a bad way of influence the child or young person while growing up when experiencing this could think this is acceptable as they could do exactly the to either they partner or family.

3.1 another thing to think about is when children start school. As this can be a very scary thing meeting loads of new children and teachers and especially for primary school starter they cant reallt rely on there mothers and father father as much and have to follow certain rules. Also another transition is when children move classes on a year to year bases which can be very hard. Especially as they have new teachers , most likely a new child may come into the class and also different helper and a lot of children would struggle with this change.

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