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Child Developement Essay Sample

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Child Developement Essay Sample

I have done some research so I can find out which books are most common and what colours are common in books. I am doing this because shops make more books of the ones people like so the more different colours, Theme, Materials and book types that are seen the more people must like them. I will Then use the information that I find out to determine what Book type and theme will use and what colours I will use.

For my research I looked on the Internet to find out what children books are around today. I found out that a lot of young children books contain animals. On a website called Dorling Kindersley books I found out by looking at all 67 0-3 years books on there the amount of books on there which come under certain categories.

As you can see the colour that is seen the most is Yellow, which is suitable because it is bright and young children like bright colours. The second most used is green, the third is red and blue. So have decided that the main colours I will use will be Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. Blue is the main colour that was seen the most so I will use blue as my cover.

I also asked 5 people who have children in their family what is there child’s favorite book.

Farm yard material Feel book
hard back wheels on the bus book
A hard back feel book
paper back flap and things you pull book
Where’s the animal book

After doing this I found out that children of an age range between 1-4 favorite books seem to consist of Touchy feely books both material and hard back, sound books and a flap book. All together 2 of the books were feel books, 2 contained animals, 1 sound book and 2 hard backs.

After doing my research I have decided I will make my book type a touchy feely book. I will be making my book for young children around the age of 1-3 year olds but can also be enjoyed by children slightly older. My book will be made for mixed genders so will be suitable for boys and girls. My book will be called on the farm and will consist of a tractor as a front cover and a Sheep, Dog, Cow, Pig and a chicken inside on the pages. I will be using bright colours for the pages which will be yellow, Green and blue. I am using bright colours because they will be more appealing and interesting for young children. I will be using different feeling material including fur, felt, cottony material and more. This will be good because young children like to feel things so having different materials will be good. My animal colours will include Pink, White, Red, Brown and black and my tractor will be red, black and green. I am hoping that this idea will appeal to people of my age range of 0-3 and that it will turn out looking good.

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