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Children And Young People’s Workforce Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Assessment criteria 1.1
A duty of care is a legal obligation, which means as employers and employees we must look after the wellbeing of our staff and students protecting them from harm, negligence and maintaining health and safety regulations.

Assessment criteria 1.2
duty of care contributes to safeguarding and the protection of the individuals in many ways, this being from following health and safety regulations ensuring the individual is safe from any risks that may occur which can be avoided e.g. tripping hazards, slips, dangerous situations. Duty of care also contributes to safeguarding in circumstances where the individual may put themselves in danger/harm, where it is our duty to prevent injuries to themselves e.g. if an individual has locked himself in the bathroom and does not respond, or if and individual has a dangerous item that can cause them harm. Duty of care also contributes to safeguarding by listening to an individual’s concerns and reporting anything necessary to a member of management.

Assessment criteria 2.1
Potential conflicts or dilemmas may arise between duty of care and the individual’s rights for example: * An individual may have a concern which they feel they need to discuss but will only tell the staff member if they promise not to tell anyone else. The conflict here is that the individuals rights is that he wants you to keep it secret and only wants to tell you, but as a duty of care we must report anything that may be a danger or harm to that individual.

Assessment criteria 2.2 using th

e example above if the individual has asked if they can tell me something in private and states they

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will only say there concern if I keep it a secret, I would inform that individual and say as a duty of care depending on the matter I may have to tell someone, then I would ask if they still want to talk about their concern, if they say no, I would reassure them and say I am always here if you did want to talk, if they do want totalk I would have to discuss the matter with a senior manager if it is something that can affect the wellbeing of the individual. Assessment criteria 2.3

For additional support and advice about conflicts and dilemmas I would speak to my line manager, a member of senior management or behavior management.

Assessment criteria 3.1 + 3.2

·Respond as soon as possible to complaints, even if it is just to explain the process and give a commitment to a certain timeframe. ·Stick to the timeframe given.
·Keep the complainant informed.
·Give the reasons for any delay.
·Address all aspects of the complaint
·Provide a full response so that important issues are answered and the complainant can see that the complaint has been taken seriously. ·Explain the process of investigation.
·Acknowledge areas of disagreement or varying accounts without dismissing what the complainant has said.

·Try not to be defensive.
·Acknowledge the distress of the complainant.
·Apologize if appropriate, but in any event be sympathetic. ·Acknowledge any errors that did occur.
·Try to understand the situation from the complainant’s perspective. ·Find out what will assist the complainant to resolve the matter and their preferred options for resolution, for example, a written response, a phone discussion, and changes in policy or procedure, a meeting. ·Avoid official or technical language, jargon and clichés. ·Consider cultural background and the possible use of interpreters.

Lessons learned
Outline what happened, how it happened, what is being done to stop it
happening again, and that you are sorry that it happened.

It is best in a written response to:

·acknowledge that voicing concerns is appreciated
·acknowledge the distress and the person’s experience
·say what has been done to investigate the complaint
·state what has been done/could be done to address the concerns ·mention any changes or action taken or that are being considered as a result of the complaint ·offer an opportunity to discuss further, with choice of options (meeting, telephone, written) ·reassure the person that they can receive further service, if needed, without any concern about having made a complaint

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