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Children Having Children Essay Sample

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Children Having Children Essay Sample

Sex is fun, birth control is messy or dangerous, abortions are wrong and babies are cute, so what’s the big deal? (Arehart-Treichel 299) Unfortunately, the deal is an immeasurable problem. Adolescent pregnancy has plagued the country for countless years, but recently, the growth and severe impact has been noticed. Talk of sex fills the surroundings of every generation, young girls are portrayed as sex objects, and sex is used to sell any product. Yet, the American Society is appalled at the rising number of teenagers who are sexually active and those that are pregnant.

Abstinence is the only way to prevent the effects of being sexually active; still yet, everything that surrounds the teenage generation (ads, music, television, and video games) displays nothing but the message, “Just do it. ” More emphasis should be placed among teenage pregnancy because of the effects on the teenage couple, the effects on the baby, and the effects on society as a whole. How to prevent teen pregnancy has been a question for many years now. Teens seem to be getting pregnant way too fast and in this generation people can barely walk out their own homes without seeing an adolescent who is pregnant.

Many people take having a baby as a joke and not as a privilege. Teen pregnancy has evolved and times have changed. Girls are getting pregnant at younger ages and still yet, there is no guarantee of a father being with them throughout the pregnancy. Many girls are left with the responsibility of supporting young children financially, and most aren’t even ready for the responsibility of caring for another human being. A lot of factors influence teenage pregnancy. In the modern society, problems related with teenagers occur in almost every home.

Some teens have situations to where there is regular conflict between family members. Other kids have been abused either sexually or physically throughout their childhood. Few children express a lack of love from their parents. While in some cases, various teens showed poor school performance. These factors surround children in any form or fashion, and unfortunately, not only these kids have to suffer the consequences. All and all, 100 percent of all teenage pregnancies have to evolve from sex. Sex is no longer valued as a holy emblem for married couples, but for many people sex is as common as eating and drinking.

In a recent survey done by Kaiser Family Foundation, one third of sexually active teens ages 15-17, reported “being in a relationship where they felt things were moving too fast sexually” and 24 percent had “done something sexual they didn’t really want to do” more than one in five (21% of teens) reported having oral sex to “avoid having sexual intercourse” with a partner (U. S. Teen Sexual Activity 2). These numbers are true, and sex affects almost every teenager at some point in time, and unfortunately not all are able to abstain.

Some girls have sex and become pregnant while involved in long-term dating relationships. Several girls become pregnant after “hooking up”. Sadly, a number of girls might not be this lucky, and become pregnant as a result of an unwanted rape situation. As stated before, even though all of these situations contribute to teenage pregnancy, pregnancies are a result of sexual activity, voluntary or involuntary, and they still have the same effects on the pregnant teen, the unwed father, and most importantly, the unborn infant.

Dealing with this pregnancy can cause confusion, fear, resentment, and frustration, among the teenage mother and the teenage father. Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be extremely hard on the mother, emotionally and physically. The mother has to decide on whether or not to keep the baby. If she does decide to keep the baby, she has to cope with motherhood and be prepared to deal with the pregnancy. Teenagers as a group have higher complication rates both during pregnancy and delivery.

If the mother is to rid the baby, she has to decide on whether to place the baby for adoption or to have an abortion. In 1996, some 97 pregnancies, 54 births and 29 abortions occurred per 1,000 U. S. women aged 15-19 (Henshaw and Feivelson 272). When finding a result, people don’t need to look at the teenagers that are already pregnant; they need to start where the problem begins. As stated before, abstinence is the only way to prevent the effects of being sexually active; but where and when do children learn the term and how to express abstinence.

Children receive information about sexuality from friends, parents, and doctors, but prevention needs to be stressed prominently in schools. Sexual education can prevent teenage pregnancy in the long run, and many kids aren’t even exposed to it. This type of education needs to be expressed and articulated just as the difficulty of learning math. Beginning with kindergarten through 4th grade, math is fairly simple, such as learning 2+2=4 or 5×5=25; in comparison, children need to start learning about their bodies and attempt to learn about the self-developing process.

This relationship between difficulties of learning math and learning sexual education needs to be continued throughout the schooling years. As the same students progress to 5th and 6th grade the emphasis should be placed on puberty. For example, the menstruation cycle and the changes that are placed on the body. Between the 7th and 9th grade years, the interest of sex rises; students need to be corrected about myths and they need to learn more about reproduction and dating.

Throughout high school, students should be taught the aspects of sexuality and the subjects that they will be faced with daily, such as birth control, abortion, marriage, homosexuality and many other areas. I believe that if students are better prepared and these processes are instilled within them, sex will gain the significance and importance from the teenage generation that it once had. If this change does take place, abstinence will occur more often and children will gain knowledge of this topic; the benefits will take place on teenagers, and pregnancy rates will decline.

Sex has become a much broader term, to where it no longer has the sole meaning of two people sharing an intimate relationship. The teenage generation has gone through what we can literally call a “sexual revolution. ” Still yet, how to prevent teen pregnancy has been a question for many years now. Statistics are continuously booming trying to correspond with the teenage generation and I honestly believe we have the resolution to teenage pregnancy and the world just needs to learn how to utilize it.

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