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In the film Children of Men there were many themes that were shown throughout the movie. The themes that I was able to pull out and see were themes of Faith, Hope/ Loss of Hope, and Religion. I feel like in this film these themes all go hand in hand and brought a biblical feel when you looked into some of the roles. In Children of Men, we see the results

we see the results of a world stripped completely of hope. The film starts out with Theo sitting in a coffee shop watching on the news about the death of the 18-year-old who was the youngest person on the planet. Without a soul younger then 19 on the planet the film introduces us to a future without children and gives a world where all women are infertile and there is no hope left. We see that Theo is a hopeless himself until he comes to know that Kee is carrying child. He soon goes from hopeless to rejuvenated and restored by this new birth. This parallels salvation to me because once he finds that there is something to live for and there is hope in the world he now has reason to push forward. Not only is this seen in Theo, but as others run into Kee, seeing she is pregnant there is a powerful change in them as well. Her presence brings hope into a hopeless world and it begins to restore faith in those that have seen the baby inside her. Throughout the film you can see Kee as a Christ- like symbol that is inspiring and could be life altering to the world’s existence.

It was interesting how much they made small references to mirroring the birth of Jesus. For example Kee first mentions the child to Theo when they are in a barn possibly referencing the manger, as well as Kee jokingly stating she was a virgin when Theo asked whom the father was.

I thought it was interesting how Cuarón finished the movie. You can see that he wants the viewers to make their own implication on what happens as Kee steps on the Tomorrow (which Tomorrow is a reference for the future that is to come). The way he depicts this scene you can imply that there is going to be a hope and future from the sound of children laughing, but you cannot be so sure because it does not show anything after this. So from this Cuarón gives you the decision whether or not this is an ending that is hopeful or hopeless depending on the type person you are.

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