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Indeed children’s political opinions are an echo of those espoused by their parents. Children are always taught to obey their parents, as they are naïve and juvenile. Since parents would never want their children to get into some trouble or make mistakes, they start imposing their believes and perspectives on their children. Therefore the children start looking up to them, follow their footsteps, the way they talk, sit, walk etc. Living under the same roof, the children automatically start believing the way their parents do, they become a reflection of their parents. Therefore their judgment of topics such as politics, education, religion etc. is greatly developed by their parent’s opinion. In May 2013, elections were held in Pakistan. There were many parties contesting the election. After the results came, a majority of votes were gained by one of the famous parties. A survey on the votes of different family members was done all over Pakistan.

Its results showed that majority of eighteen year olds voted for the same party as their patents or family members did. This incident proved that most children keep the same opinion as their parents do. In most families, the younger family members are not completely free to express their opinion. The topic of politics has become so fragile that sometimes children are forced to choose between their political opinion and their parents. In addition to this most children are not that interested in having an opinion on politics so they start believing whatever they hear at home. Without researching or talking about it with people outside of family. Hence, children’s political opinions mirror those encouraged by their parents. Since children mostly see their parents as role models they adapt to most of their judgments and viewpoints.

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