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Choice of Software Essay Sample

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Choice of Software Essay Sample

The software I have chosen to implement the new system is excel. I have chosen spreadsheets excel because of it ability:

* To enter a number, formula or text into any cell

* For formulae and other data can be copied into groups of cells.

* To create macros, which are a series of command crated by the user that the spreadsheet would perform automatically.

* To protect worksheets so users cannot accidentally destroy formulae or headings.

* To customise menus and toolbars

* To format so it is clear to the user where to enter data.

System overview

The new system would work in two ways the first way is as templates. The templates will be for entering data then worksheets can be printed out. The second way in which the spreadsheet would be used is to show data on performance of workers.

The new system will have a central menu sheet. This sheet will act as the front sheet and be selected automatically using an autoexec macro, when the spreadsheet is loaded. The menu will have five buttons that will lead to five main sheets, in the spreadsheet system.

An example of some of the labels I would use would be the days of the week e.g. Monday, Tuesday etc, names and signing in/out. These labels will be placed at the head of its column. The type of data I would be entering would be mainly numbers.

The new system will use simple formulae involved with the process of add and subtracting numbers. The new system will also involve formulae’s with more complicated functions like the, IF function and the average function. IF (logical_test, value_if_true, value_if_false) an example of an IF function would be if a number exceeds 60 then the statement will read false, if it is less than 60 the statement will read true.

The new system will also be formatted to make it easier for the user. An example of one of the formats the new system would have would be conditional formatting. Conditional formatting can be applied to a cell, so that if the value were below a certain number in that cell the colour of that number would change.

Data validation will be set on one of the sheets in the new system to ensure that only whole number can be enter in to the sheet, between a range of 1 to 9.

Test strategy

* Testing functions e.g. IF function.

* Test data validation

* Test menu buttons

Test plan

* Test signing in/out button

* Print out signing in/out sheet see if it meets user requirements

* Test duties button, add duties data then print out duties sheet

* Test briefing time button

* Test work performs button

* Test validation cells

* Test conditional format cells

* Test IF functions

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