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This semester of Christian Worldview has been beneficial for me learning more about all different types of worldviews. I started this class with a Christian background but a clean slate of not knowing what my true worldview really was. As I went through the semester, I gained tons of new knowledge to help me understand how my opinions matched with the different worldviews.

In the beginning of the semester I did a worldview outline answering seven questions about different subjects of worldview. The first question asked, who is God and what are his characteristics? I said God is a spirit that I can put my complete trust and faith into no matter what. Also, I put that his characteristics include are watching over us while putting up challenges to overcome to complete our purpose here in this lifetime. This is related to the New Age worldview in that me as an individual wants to ascend to the highest plane of existence with spirits and beings helping me along the way. I still believe in this idea that God has a purpose for me and that I can achieve great things in this lifetime.

The second question was on what exactly a human being is and what happens when they die. My answer to this was that the human being was God’s creation to store our soul. When we die, I think God puts us wherever he feels best that we can learn more knowledge and skills. This place might be heaven, hell, or maybe another unknown place in the universe. This is involved in the Christian worldview because God created us and it is his choice where we should go after we die. I believe in this idea and it goes good with my worldview.

My third question was about what I believe the nature of the universe is. I said that the universe came from God’s creation of all kinds of matter and the natural occurrences throughout billions of years. I also said that there is many galaxies yet to be discovered and there could also be planets that contain life just like Earth. I think this goes with the Christian worldview in that God created this universe and let it take form and change during these billions of years. “God is Creator of everything, this vast universe. All was created by His Word.” (What do Christians believe?). I think this quote goes great with my worldview in that God is the creator and lets things take form on their path.

The fourth question asked, how do you know what you know and if it is true or not? I said I know what I know from my parents, school, my peers, and past experiences. I have to trust in certain people like my parents and teachers to tell me information that is true or I must research it extensively to find out if what I know is actually true. This is related to the Christian worldview to trust in the people that God puts in front of you to help you learn about what is true. Trusting and learning from God and Jesus is the best way to find the real truth in this world. For example, in the Bible it says “Then the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.” (John 16:13). This is why it is so critical to put your full faith into God for him to guide you to the truth.

In the fifth question, it asks what is right and wrong and how can we know if there is a right and wrong. My answer to this was society decides what is right and wrong by the court of law. There are social quos that the majority of people set that distinguishes what is morally right and wrong. We are impacted everyday if things are right or wrong and we as individuals each have to make a decision about what we believe in. I think that Jesus has set a good guide to help make the decision between right and wrong easier with The Ten Commandments. Here are some examples, you shall not murder. You shall not commit adultery. You shall not steal. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. You shall not covet. (The Ten Commandments)

The sixth question simply asks if there is purpose to life. I answered that I believed that everyone on this planet is put here for a certain purpose that God wants us to fulfill. It could be simple as learning important lessons or maybe to lead people to greater goals and higher enlightenment. This is tied into the Christian worldview because God sent Jesus down to Earth to die for our sins so we should be able to complete our purpose God has put in front of us.

Finally, the last question what core commitments are consistent to my worldview are and how they impact my life. My response was spreading joy and love to everyone while also showing them the bright side of life. This impacts my life by having a positive outlook each day and putting smiles and motivating people to strive for the best they can. This is a great Christian outlook on life to give to others and show them how to be positive with having God on their side. These questions helped me realize how much of a Christian I am but how I also have some other worldview beliefs as well such as New Age.

My worldview relates to the Christian worldview presented in class in that I believe in Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit are guiding me on my path. I believe in the teachings of Jesus during his time here on Earth written in the Bible. I live by God and trust in him to be watching over me with love and leading me to my purpose. My worldview performs in “The Test of Evidence” because I trust in God and the Bible is evidence that Jesus and God exists. “The Test of Logical Consistency” My worldview goes good in this test because my worldview does have consistency. “It is logically consistent to say that God is a personal with each individual, the creator God and that He created human beings in His personal image.” (Cosgrove, 139) Because God created us all in his own image he has been consistent because he has an image everyone. “The Existential Repugnance,” this test is basically saying that we can never be God but we can live up to his standards. This is what I do in my own worldview every day.

I understand that I am not God, but I strive to please him every day. My worldview affects my thoughts and actions in everyday life by the words I speak and the things I do for others and for myself. It affects how I make relationships with people by treating them with respect and having fun with plenty of laughs. In the future, my worldview will affect how I choose a wife and how we will raise our kinds. Having a Christian household will keep an amazing environment to create a loving and nurturing family. My worldview has changed throughout the semester by receiving so much knowledge about all the worldview especially the Christian. I have always had a Christian base at my house, but through class I have reignited my passion for the Christian worldview. I love how Grand Canyon University has Chapel, the Gathering, and other ways to get a deeper understanding of the Christian worldview. I have had eye-opening experiences that I can relate to my religion and understand through my worldview. This renewed interest in my worldview has sparked the fire in my heart to reach out to God and change my life.

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