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Cinemalaya “Onang” (Reaction Paper) Essay Sample

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Cinemalaya “Onang” (Reaction Paper) Essay Sample

Onang is a story about a little girl from Ilocos Sur who like to pursue her dream to perform singing. She join the choir group in their school who will represent their town in the upcoming performance and competition in Manila. She was really delighted of the fact of performing in a stage and to see celebrity that was said to be part of the jury. Unfortunately her father is against of pursuing her dream. He doesn’t want to support Onang’s dream, he think it was all insanity and a waste. But Onang is brave enough to fight for what she wanted to do. One night when her father came home drunk, she stole her father’s money in order to pay atleast half of the cost of going and performing in Manila. She thought that it would already be successful. Then a night before the day of going to Manila, she was nervous because she know that her father already knew that she stole his money. His father goes to bed, then she follows to lie down, then suddenly her father hit her. She was not able to make it to the competition.

Then day pass by, when her father was lying down the bed, she splatter a boiled water to her father and run away going to Manila alone. At first glance of the film from the start the shot and the view is truly mesmerizing. That beautiful and enticing shot is unforgettable. Many of the audience including I, was wowed by the shots specially the shot when Onang is walking along a path on a hill that is covered with grasses swaying and dancing as the wind blew hard.

Oooh’s and aaah’s could literally be heard, as well as: “What camera is the director using?”, “Crisp scenes”, “Nice shot”, and yes, “Wow!”. Moreover the story of the film was simple yet the actors are great the acting looks natural and unscripted. But I find that a part in the ending is somehow confusing and distractive. It’s the part when Onang already arrived Manila. She was walking along the street, then she suddenly stops and left a doll covered with blood that is wrapped in a white cloth in front of the Katipunan monument. I think it was disturbing and should have not been included in the scene because it confuses the story.

Overall, the film is still fantastic it was beautiful specially the shots. I really appreciate independent films and I salute all of the directors. I know it wasn’t that easy to create a film specially an independent film. The film industry of the Philippine is really progressing. And now I am more inspired to continue of creating films. I love films forever.

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