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Introduction of TOPIC

* One of the major objectives of the case is that Citibank has aligned its new performance evaluation process to inculcate non financial measures in the performance evaluation and thereby highlighting the importance of diverse set of measures for evaluating performance it has been a year since the California division has introduced this change through a new performance scorecard and Citibank has to make sure that the change is communicated throughout the organisation. * The Citibank California division has to make sure that it retains its diverse set of customers by meeting their rising service expectation, to survive in the competitive market.

* Frits seegers , president of Citibank California branch has to make sure that he motivates the branch managers through the performance evaluation so that they can contribute towards achieving the strategic goals of the division , one of the major dilemmas which he faces in this aspect is whether he should give a “above par” rating or a “ below par “ rating to James McGaran who is a manager of one of the most important branches in Los Angeles , and has been with the organisation since past 11 years . * James McGaran has performed exceptionally well in all parameters such as financial , strategy implementation , control measures , people and standards , in the largest and toughest branch of the division , the only parameter he has not performed well is customer satisfaction which is an important part of the new performance evaluation process , how can the organisation retain and motivate James McGaran and at the same point of time continue to emphasise on the relevance of customer satisfaction for its division .

Doing the year-end performance evaluation for James McGaran, the branch manager of the flagship office in the Los Angeles area, was probably one of the most difficult tasks at the hand of Seeger. James has been not just an exemplary employee in the area, but really someone who other branch managers could always look up to. His career with Citibank has been a quick progression through the ranks from the assistant branch manager to the manager position at the most important of all the bank branches in the Los Angeles area – the Financial District office. His performance has exceeded expectations in every single year. His financia

l results have been truly impressive. However with the introduction of the new performance scorecard

which reflected the company’s broadening of the evaluation scope to customer satisfaction score, it became obvious that this was essentially the only area where James’ performance was lacking.

At the same time Frits Seegers, President of Citibank California, was convinced that customer satisfaction indicator was important not only for meeting ever-increasing expectations of highly-sophisticated clients, but also for achieving strategic goals of the division, and staying competitive. Since five of the six performance measures in James’ year-end evaluation were “above par”, the customer satisfaction rating was the only one that caused a significant challenge and had substantial financial repercussions for James’ year-end bonus, which was a significant part of his base salary. Based on his customer satisfaction scores, which was “below par” according to the banks written guidelines, his total evaluation should be “above par” in spite of the fact that he excelled in five other performance areas.

Given the case facts and figures, our team has arrived at the decision that James McGaran should be given an “Above par” Rating .The supporting reasons for the same have been listed below: 1. 4th quarter results improvement: The customer satisfaction scores have improved in the 4th quarter from 54 to 72.This indicates how seriously James has tried to address this issue and his hard work is paying off.

2. Environmental Factors: The branch that James is handling is the toughest branch in the division. The clientele is demanding and it faces a lot of competition. Keeping this is mind, the same rules and policies cannot be applicable for this branch as is applicable to other branches as the environmental factors differ. It is unfair to judge the performance of James’s branch in the way the performance of other branches is judged because it is difficult to manage such a diverse set of indicators.

3. Survey Inadequacy: Also, customer satisfaction survey also includes rating not just the branch performance but also the services such as ATMs. These are out of the ambit of the branch managers and hence the survey can be regarded as inadequate.

4. Positive Reinforcement: James has been performing well on all the measures financial, strategy, control measures, people and standards. He has performed well on customer satisfaction in last quarter by making some changes in his staff to improve branch performance. He introduced some new ways to address the issue of customer satisfaction. To reward this initiative, it is important that we positively reinforce the desired actions and results. For that it is important that Citibank acknowledges his hard work and reward him so that he would continue to put in efforts in the future.


The introduction of the balance scorecard has set clear goals for appraise and provides specific measures for the evaluation. It includes both qualitative and quantitative measures .it also provides the organization to do strategic management and operational code. They provided 6 areas for the evaluation in their scorecard. Executive performance needs to be judged on success at meeting a mix of both financial and non-financial measures to effectively operate a business. Customer service is vital to Citibank California’s strategy, but the McGaran’s scorecard is not communicating this. The fundamental cause for strategic success has to do with people and his scorecard is not aligning goals along the reporting chain. Reinforcement plan should be used in this case. Constructing a plan that focuses on positive reinforcement is a slow and gradual process that gives employees time to grasp the philosophy associated with teamwork and maintaining a sense of reliability and responsibility when it comes to group projects in which everyone is expected to participate.

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