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There is always a big problem about where life is better. Many people have been wondering and thinking about enjoying a better life by living either in the city or in the countryside. Some people prefer to live in the city while some other choose to live in the countryside. Mostly, to live in the urban or rural lifestyles depends on a lifestyle and taste. However, living in the city and in the countryside has differences and similarities. Individuals who live in a city have good opportunities, more comforts. While the ones who live in a countryside get a better living environment. The most conspicuous difference is the facilities. By living in the city, facilities play a major role of the citizens in supporting the basis of the living standards, such as the quality of education and medical services. Whereas, living in the country mainly consists of primitive means of sustaining only the surface of needs, modern technology is scarce.

Furthermore, transportation is another advantage for living in a city; choices are available in a form of a bus, a plane, or a car. On the other hand, living in a far from civilization is more difficult to go to work. Sometimes, people have to wait for a long time at a bus stand. Even though living in a city may be attractive to some with the said preference, it also has disadvantages. A person who lives in a city is prone to expose themselves to pollution emitting from cars, buses, and factories. The city environment is relatively more polluted than being out in the country. On the contrary, in a rural area, villagers enjoy fresh air and stay in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Rivers in a city are generally polluted, whereas people living in a countryside use their pure water. Furthermore, traffic is also a problem for metropolitans. The streets are crowded with cars and pedestrians that make life tense.

Regardless of the geographic residence, both groups share a similar responsibility in abiding the supreme law of the land. Both of them are governed by the same government and law. Even though they live in different places, but their cultures and customs are resemblant. For example, people in the city have to culturally show their respect to the older folks, as do the people in the countryside do. Due to the same religion, and culture and country make people to believe in the same moral to one another. In conclusion, living in the city and living in the countryside could be perceived in both positively and negatively. Everyone has an alternative to live in a countryside or in a city. It depends on what people really need such as a quiet place or best opportunities, more comforts with chaotic places or less opportunities with fresh and pure air. Even though living in a city has better opportunities to find job, to have a good education, many options to enjoy life, but people in a countryside live with peace of mind, fresh air, and live in a homey environment. So these options regarding where to live can be best suited to what one’s seeking in life.

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