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City Essays


City And Country Consolidation

Over the last two decades, a large body of literature has examined the fiscal impacts of city/county consolidation. Much of this research suggests that consolidation results in expansion of local budgets and in the scope and quality of municipal services

Citizenship Why Is It Important Now And Always

What is citizen? The word citizen traces its origins to an old French word citezein, which in turn, is traced to the Latin word civitas meaning ‘city’. Oxford Dictionary 2006 defines the word citizen as “noun 1 a legally recognized

Effect Of Crimes In Cities

The cities are an emblem of development and prosperity, wealth and luxury, life and servitude but on the other hand, from the soil of these very mushrooming cities are also being heard day in and day out the hues and

Promissory estoppel

Promissory estoppel can be defined as a promise that the promisor must anticipate rationally in order to initiate an action, or forbearance on the part of the promisee or a third party. Furthermore, the promise must induce such an action

Circuit City’s Change From Great to Good

              The robust growth of Circuit City from 1970s to the late 1990s leaves questions as to why this great company has been performing poorly since the turn of the century. It is not hard to observe that Circuit

New Urbanism

Introduction New Urbanism is a totally new concept of city development that targets developing new kind of neighbourhoods that are convenient and practical to the residents. The advocates of the movement announce a change from hostile, inconvenient practices to new

Sociology and the City

The World of Cities by Anthony M. Orum & Xiangming Chen, is a book that delves into the exploration of urban sociology. According to Wikepedia.com, urban sociology is, “the sociological study of the various statistics among the population in cities.”

Town Planning of Ancient Romans

• Romans adopted the technology and planning skills of the Greeks. They were more advanced than the Greeks in terms of technological skills which they used to develop better infrastructural facilities and construction techniques. • Lime concrete was invented •

Feminism in the Early 20th Century

The purpose of this essay is to give a historical summary of America’s new look as an urban nation in the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. This essay will give an account of how immigrants came to

Manchester City

There were a plethora of issues being raised by the growth of Manchester such as, Living conditions for the population, and Poverty amongst the people that lived in Manchester; the reactions to those issues usually consisted of there being a

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