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Coming of Age in Mississippi is a story about the racial injustices and unfairness confronted by African Americans in southern United States during the 1960s.

African Americans were not offered opportunity to have better jobs but instead menial jobs. After the World War II, many of them got the opportunity to serve as soldiers and factory workers. However, it was quiet unacceptable. They have worked in isolated units. White business community refused Blacks in connection with promotion in jobs and any form of employment practices.

In job hiring, in many war plants, they have worked as janitors and other low class jobs. They were always devalued and moved down to low-paying workers. They were unable to exercise their rights in education as offered to Whites. In farm production, they have no control on their own production to improve their lives.

Due to these unequal recognitions, their voices came out from their protests and prevented them segregated from the society and even changed the unlawful treatment towards them. The discrimination and other acts of unfairness conduct were changed because of the establishment of the Civil Rights Movements. The movement was an important tool for them to get what they desired, to let them voice out what they wanted .

They were given the freedom for voting and citizenship rights after the Civil War. However, it didn’t last for long. The movement provided them the legal enforcement impartiality for Black that was guaranteed by the United States Constitution. The establishment of 1941 Fair Employment Practices Committee cared and defended them in any form employment discrimination.

            After all, the Civil Rights Movement accumulated diverse form of people. For example, a protest and any form of struggle were represented all levels of American lion.

            In the end, they got what they desired in recognition of their beloved African American society.


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