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In A.B Patterson’s poem “Clancy of the Overflow”. Patterson describes the city which his persona wishes to be free from, using a wide range of techniques and describing words. In the 5th stanza, he uses personification to create an image of what it is like to live and work in the city with the line “stingy ray of sunlight struggles feebly” giving us the conclusion that sunlight is a rarity. And uses alliteration in the same stanza to create another image of the unpleasant city he calls home using the words “gritty”, “dusty” and “dirty” to emphases that. In the 7th stanza Patterson uses rhyme to show us how he feels about his repetitive life in the city using the words “daunt me” and “haunt me” as he sees the same faces day in and day out. Therefore Patterson’s persona in this poem wishes to get away from the cramped, boring life of the city.

In Slessors poem “Country Towns”. Slessor uses a wide range of techniques to create an image of a country town. In the third stanza “Alliteration” is used to create a sense of timelessness with the line “Bouncing on barrel mares” showing that even today the farmers still ride on horses (nothing has changed). The 3rd stanza uses “imagery” to creates an image of the town with “verandas baked” and “dogs that lick the sunlight up like paste of gold”, and gives us the impression that it is sunset. In the final stanza (4th) Slessor uses the first two lines to convey “juxtaposition” using the line “schooner bees and locusts” giving us the impression of the heat and different sides to the country.

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