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Clapton Commercial Constructions expansion into
Arizona will require the organization to implement a recruitment and selection strategy plan. The proposed plan will include organizational goals, forecasted demographic changes, 5 year workforce projection, diversity objectives, branding, recruiting, testing, training and relevant employment laws.

Organizational Goals

 20% workforce expansion
 Understand local culture
 Effective recruitment strategy

Demographic Changes

 2.5 % expected job growth
 Low mortgage rates
 High unemployment
 Large pool of skilled workers

5 Year Workforce Projection

 37% expected population growth
 20% yearly increase in employees

Workforce Diversity Objectives

 Organizational Employment Needs
 Job Descriptions
 Applicant qualifications
 Examine Equal Rights Laws

Organizational Branding

 Communication
 Attract Top Candidates
 Value in Service

Methods for Recruiting

 Internal Recruiting
 External Recruiting

Local Media
Educational Institutions
Social Media
Job Fairs
Staffing Agencies

Screening & Interviewing

 Position Testing
 Background Check
 Drug Testing
 Behavioral Based Interviews

Testing Procedures

 Cognitive Tests
 Physical Ability Tests
 Sample Job Tasks

Interview Process

 Before the Interview
 During the Interview
 After the Interview

Selection Methods

 Review Applicant Files
 Initialize an Offer
 Finalize the Offer

Impact of Organizational Diversity

Cultural diversity will have a positive impact on the organization. It will allow for a diverse set of ideas that will benefits the dynamics of the organization. To ensure a positive influence the company educate employees on diversity and how to appreciate different cultures. Learning programs will reinforce the companies values regarding a diverse work environment.

Recruitment & Selection Laws

 The Civil Rights Acts , Title VII
 The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938
 The Equal Pay Act of 1963
 The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
 Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
 The American with Disabilities Act of 1990

In Conclusion

Clapton Commercial Construction must realize the impact that poor hiring practices can have on the business. The recruitment and selection plan will ensure that the organization is complying with employment laws and recruiting the best employees for the job.


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