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Due to the flooding in our community there has been extensive littering, and our school has been tremendously affected. To minimize or eliminate this problem a campaign is being must be effectively planned and executed. Previous campaigns have failed to be successful due to the poor organization and execution. All aspects of this campaign will be examined in detail and proposals will be made to successfully carry out this project. This year’s campaign plan would include the maintenance of the theme, targeting of different cultures, use of language in the messages and an evaluation of the entire campaign.

In order to have a successful campaign measures must be taken to ensure that the goal is fulfilled. A series of steps must be taken to perform the task in an orderly fashion, ensuring that the project is carried out properly and effectively. The steps are as follows: 1. Establish or create a theme for the cleanup campaign.

2. State the measures that would be taken to ensure the maintenance of the theme for the campaign. 3. Come up with ideas to attract students of different cultures to take part in the campaign. 4. Determine the use of the type of language that would be used in the campaign messages. 5. Design the message that will be sent throughout the different channels 6. Establish the different medium/channels that will be used. 7. Evaluate the campaign and find flaws that could be improved or fixed for it to be a successful campaign. We believe that an appropriate theme for the campaign would be ‘Clean and green save the planet!’ To maintain this theme more garbage bins should be placed on campus for proper garbage disposal. Signs and posters containing catchy themes and slogans can also be placed on picnic tables, classes and bathrooms. To encourage cleanliness, rewards and incentives should be given to those who report or warn those who litter. Also punishments such as fines and an increase in community service hours should be given to those caught littering.

We must keep in mind that the messages must target students of different cultures in the campaign; hence the theme must inspire to love and take care of their environment and inspire proper hygiene. The messages and themes must be in a common language that everyone understands. It would also be appropriate to use informal tones, street language and slangs that are popularly used around school in order to incorporate everyone for a successful campaign. After evaluating the entire plan it is concluded that this campaign is sure to work if the steps are followed properly, however there might be some students that will still find a loophole to the system. These students must be penalized to discourage other students from littering.

If the campaign plan is followed step by step, a successful clean up will be carried out and the problem of extensive littering will be quickly minimized. We are appealing to all students to cooperate in this campaign and be a part of the solution; not the problem.

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