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Client Interaction Strategy Essay Sample

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Client Interaction Strategy Essay Sample

As the consultant for Kudler Fine Foods, communications with individuals on various levels of the organization is inevitable. It is vital to use the appropriate influence techniques during the process of implementing a new HRIS software system. An effective transition will require the consultant to use existing power structure to obtain buy-in from the current workforce. This essay will address several tactics that will assist the consultant with an interaction strategy to communication effectively with different members of Kudler Fine Foods. The first tactic is to identify the main players in the change initiative. Next discuss the dynamic of power and leadership in the organization. Then, describe how to leverage the existing power structure to facilitate different phases of the change initiative, and last explain the influence tactics that may be used with whom, and why.

Main Players

Kudler Fine Foods is an elegant grocery store concentrating on gourmet foods in San Diego, California. Kathy Kudler opened the first store June 1998 and by 2003 two additional locations were opened. The shops are filled with the best local and imported food products and split into five departments (Kudler Fine Foods, 2011). The five divisions of Kudler Fine Foods are bakery, meat and seafood, produce, cheese and dairy, and wine.

There are several individuals who are major stakeholders in the implementation of a new HRIS software system for Kudler Fine Foods. The major players are Kathy Kudler, president of the company along with the director of administration and human resources Brenda Wagner, and Harvey Stephens the director of finance and accounting. The two aforementioned department’s support staff members are major players as well. The administrative assistant, HR assistant, accounting clerks, and computer support specialists will be the frontline of defense personnel of the change initiative. They will be hands-on with the application and commit to rolling out the new software system.

Dynamic of Power and Leadership

Power structure is where the dynamics of leadership and change in an organization originates. An organizational structure is the functional framework that characterizes an organization’s functional relationships, strategic missions, and scope of authority. Typically, the organizational structure consists of hierarchical arrangement of lines of authority, communications, and rights and duties of an organization (Business Dictionary, 2013).

The dynamic of power and leadership of Kudler Fine Foods begins and ends with Kathy Kudler. Kathy Kudler has several competent individuals in leadership positions to help her successfully run the company. Nevertheless, although other departments have individuals in other positions taking active leadership roles, the final decisions to implement a new HRIS software system is left to Kathy Kudler as president of the company.

Leveraging the Existing Power Structure

Kudler Fine Foods has a strong power base with Kathy Kudler in charge. She has positioned strategically herself to lead by exercising her power of authority. Research of Kudler Fine Foods suggests that Ms. Kudler effectively exercises power and authority without abusing or misusing employees. It is evident that this management style is conducive and productive for the company. Kathy has the assistance of the company’s directors (Brenda Wagner, Harvey Stephen, and Yvonne Reynolds) who have proven themselves a valuable asset to her leadership abilities that will help to facilitate the different phases of the implementation process.

Influence Tactics

Base of power determines what form of influence tactics is necessary during a change initiative. Research has shown that upward influence attempts directed toward superiors to be the most effective (Putting Power To Work, 2013). The consultant will use a couple of influence tactics, such as upward appeal of formal and informal requests to company management and coalition formation by seeking united support from other members of the organization (Putting Power to Work, 2013). The consultant would direct these influence tactics to the president of Kudler Fine Foods and the directors to ensure that the implementation process is a seamless effort for all stakeholders.


As the consultant for Kudler Fine Foods, it is important to communicate effectively with different members of the organization as contracted to facilitate and implement a new HRIS software system. To make certain a change initiative is successful, it is imperative that the consultant is familiar with the major players, aware of the dynamic of power and leadership in the organization, have a plan for leveraging the existing power structure, and using the appropriate influence tactics as they relate to the changes implemented.


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