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Greeked Out! started in December of 2011 in Richmond, Virginia. Greeked Out specializes in custom Greek paddles for fraternities, sororities, social clubs, lodges, and special events. To create an Integrated Marketing Communication plan, it is essential to understand the market and industry. Although there are a number of competitors, there are limited companies who offer hand painted and customized Greek paraphernalia.

Target Market

The target market includes:
• Collegiate Greek fraternities and sororities
• Non-collegiate Greek fraternities and sororities
• Community service based organizations
• Lodges and Social clubs

Three Marketing Communications

These are the three styles of marketing communications that best fit Greeked Out.
• Advertising
• Direct Marketing
• Personal Selling

Greeked Out wants to create awareness of the Greeked Out brand and product understanding to 65% of the target audience after the IMC is launched. This will be done via social media, which will constitute 50% of marketing.

Facebook: https://

Instagram: GreekedOut

Twitter: GreekedOut

• Company website: Greeked Out will also utilize banner ads, online ad buys, company website, and search engine optimization (SEO) to enhance the company’s interactive/internet presence.

Direct Marketing
Direct marketing will consist of post card mailers and flyers (particularly on college campuses). Greeked Out intends on reaching 25% of the
target market and will constitute 30% of the company’s marketing. Post card mailers (per month): 100 X $0.65 = $65.00 Flyers (per month): 100 X $1.25 = $125.00 Business Cards (per year): 1 box (250) X 9.99 = $9.99

Personal Marketing

Personal marketing will reach 10% of the company’s target market and consist of attending special events (colleges, LGBT pride, etc.) and vendor seminars. Personal marketing will consist of 20% of the company’s marketing strategy.

Considerations for Brand and Loyalty

• Develop a strong motto
• Redesign an attractive logo
• Establish a distinctive theme

• Listen to customers
• Incentive program for loyal customers
• Follow-through on promises of products

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