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Climate and Topography Analysis Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

There are a great number of different industries in this world that are greatly affected by climate and their topography. This paper will be about five different industries such as the food industry, tobacco industry, tourism industry, animal industry and the automotive industry. In order to run a successful business, these two factors need to be kept into consideration. The food industry is a very important factor everywhere around the world. Without food, humans cannot survive and that is why it is important that food production can continue. There are many factors that can affect the food industry in example, climate and topography. The world’s climate changes daily and that can bring major shifts in food production. Depending on where you are in this world, temperatures rise, rain falls or there is simply not enough rain. There are also several natural disasters such as tsunamis, heavy storms, volcano eruptions, coastal flooding, etc that can greatly affect crops. Crops are very sensitive to climate changes which also affect the soil temperature and moisture levels.

The topography of an area for food is also very important because it affects the type of crop that can be grown; for example, rocky areas such in the mountains are not necessarily the best areas to grow crop with deep roots. On the other hand, coastal regions are typically a good crop to produce fruit and vegetables. Prairie areas are great for producing grain due to the open space. These two factors can affect business operations for the food industry because with climate in the way, it can greatly affect the profit of the business. Topography can also highly affect business operations because without the right area, businesses won’t be able to grow proper crop that is sellable. Tobacco is an agricultural product that that stems from green, leafy plant that is grown in warm climates. It can be smoked in a pipe, cigar or cigarette. Tobacco is grown throughout the world but its origin is from tropical climate. Tobacco is a very sensitive plant that needs plenty of pesticides in order for it to grow healthy but is not very sensitive to climate.

It can be grown anywhere, from here within the US to Beijing, China with proper planning and preparation. Tobacco is one of the biggest industries throughout the world. Billions of people smoke around the world. It is the biggest addiction one can have. It is easy for businesses to grow tobacco, but it is not so easy to maintain. There is a lot of process in order to ensure good quality tobacco. Businesses could suffer when climate is not appropriate. Tobacco plants grow best when their soil is kept moist but not soggy and never completely dried out. Therefore, climates with heavy rain and

storms would put a tobacco business down. Tourism is a very important industry for every country to

help boost their economy. Everyone likes to have a nice vacation no matter where they go. People pick their destinations depending on their likes, hobbies, interests, history, etc. Another factor that people keep in mind is the climate. Climate is a huge deal breaker when it comes to tourism, but of course it depends on every individual’s preference.

Climate plays a major role when it comes to the destination tourists pick. Tourists are sensitive to climate and climate change although sometimes they say they are not. Imagine going on a ski or snowboarding trip in the Alps and there is not decent snow. Will that affect one’s vacation? It definitely will. Or going to a scuba diving trip where the water is low and the reefs are above water. Will that affect a vacation? It sure will. Topography is also a great factor. People like to vacation at destinations that are typically relaxing to their likes. It is all about the perfect destination and being able to let go of all the stress back home. Picking a destination that doesn’t have too many natural disasters for example is something to consider. This will affect businesses because places such as Hawaii for example are a successful destination to go to. People enjoy the weather and the beach and people like to spend money in order to do that. This helps boost their economy. Other places that are more in the poverty are not the typical relaxing destination people go to.

It is more for culture and history than anything else. There are many countries that their primary source of income depends solely on tourism. The automotive industry designs, develops, manufactures, markets and sells motor vehicles. It is one of the most important economic sectors by revenue. Climate change in the automotive industry is both a threat and an opportunity in business. In the auto industry, climate change plays a big role. Pollution and global warming is one of the biggest issues and discussions held on a daily basis. Almost all car makers have taken action over this issue and have made “green” cars in order to protect the pollution. Climate changes can also affect business operations when it comes to natural disasters. Let’s say an auto manufacturing company in Indonesia gets hit by a bad storm that causes major flooding. This business will be affected by this and lose money in the process. Yes, there are insurance policies but it is a third world country and not every business has that there. Climate change and topography play a big role in the automotive industry. The animal industry is a very important factor globally. Billions of people depend on livestock to feed their families.

Climate change can greatly affects this industry by the impact of changes in livestock feed-grain availability and price, the direct effects of weather and extreme events on animal health, growth and reproduction and changes in the distribution of livestock diseases and pests. Like humans, pigs, cows and poultry are warm-blooded animals that are sensitive to the hot weather. The hotter it is, the more the production will fall. This can really hurt businesses. As global warming is getting worse, so is the climate change that is affecting livestock. Animals die on a daily basis due to dehydration and no proper food.

Businesses have to ensure that their livestock is always kept up with in order to ensure that they don’t lose business. Topography is also an important factor. Livestock needs to be done in areas where there is no extreme heat. Animals tend to stress when there is a lot of humidity and higher heat. In cows that can cause them to reduce their daily milk production. A cooler area is best for livestock to be produced. Climate change and topography play a big role when it comes to industries in this world. Businesses loose business due to these factors as well as gain business depending on where they are located. It is important to consider these factors when starting and operating a business in any of these industries to ensure success.


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