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Clinique New High Impact Curling Mascara. Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

This is an advertisement for a new Clinique mascara which is supposed hold curls up to 24 hours.

This advertisement has one main objective, it is trying to make consumers aware of this product. They are doing it because it is a new product (suggested because it says “NEW High Impact Mascara..”) and is probably just been put out onto the market, so they want to increase awareness about it and encourage people to buy it. They do this by includinga little info on it, but half of the image is taken up by an actual image of the product to show consumers just what it is.

The type of advertising this is is a mixture of informative and persuasive advertising. The ad does include quite a bit of information on the product, describing it in, the way it performs and what it does. For example, the advertisement tells us it is “Opthamoologist tested” and that it and that it’s “Smudge, flake, smear-resistant formula holds for up to 24 eye-opening hours”. It is also persuasive because it is convincing us that we should use it instead of a lash curler, which is why in the picture they put it parallel to a lash curler, and encourages us to buy it by asking us “Why suffer for beauty?”

This advertisement came out of a “Cosmopolitan” magazine. It is clearly being directed straight towards all girls and women, because girls start wearing mascara when they are around 13, and wear it all the way up to old age. They are also making sure to include ALL women in this ad by telling us that it is “Appropriate for contact lens wearers, too”. This way they are not discriminating against any group.

I think the company decided on this ad for a number of reasons. First of all, the layout is simple, and your eye is drawn straight to the product when you see the page. The layout is minimalist but attractive, so it looks classy, and they want to make their consumers think that by using this product they will be more beautiful, so this layout is effective. Taking into account that this advertisement was on the 3rd page of a very famous magazine, it probably cost a lot of money, but Clinique is a very successful company so they probably have the kind of money to be able to afford this type of ad. Also, they probably chose to do this type of ad in this magazine because they are targeting the right audience because the kidn of girls who buy Cosmopolitan are the kind of girls interested in the newest make-up and looking good.

As I mentioned before, the class and simplicity of this ad is what most draws in the consumers. There are only two colours; black and white, and one font, and one blown-up image of the product. This keeps the message clear an

d keep the focus on the image whilst providing more than enough reasons as to why you should buy the

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product (you will no longer need a lash curler, it holds a curl for up to 24 hours, etc…) Women are convinced that upon using this product they will get instantly more beautiful eyelashes, hence be more beautiful overall. There is a detailed description of what it does to your eyelashes “Helps coax lashes to a long, bold, upturned look, without a pinch pull or tug”, and this seems ideal to women so it is drawing them in.

In my opinion, this ad is almost perfect except for one thing which is the confusion with the presence of an eyelash curler next to the product when the ad is stating that a lash curler is no longer required. I know that the purpose of this is to compare the eyelash curler to the product, however this could easily cause confusion because it simultaneously looks as if Clinique is trying to sell the Mascara AND the eyelash curler. To improve this ad I would eliminate the image of the eyelash curler next to the mascara.

Yes I would buy this product based upon the efficiency of this ad. I think the ad does its job and with its modern, simplistic and attractive layout, it definitely attracted me. I feel as if this mascara would be ideal and wouldn’t cause a mess like so many do.

Donna Karan New York Fragrance – BE DELICIOUS

This is an advertisement for a fragrance by DKNY called BE DELICIOUS. It is a fragrance for both men and women. The purpose of the product is to remind consumers about the product, to re-purchase it, and to those who haven’t purchased it to purchase it. Reassuring customers that this product is still on the market, and is still very popular, fresh, and stylish. I know this because I know this product has been around for a long time, and there is no hint that there is anything new or updated about it, so it is probably the same product.

This advertisement is persuasive advertising because the ad is not giving us much information, it is more trying to seduce the consumers into buying the fragrance. They do this by putting two attractive people in the background obviously with the fragrance on, and by putting apples on the bottom which reiterate the theme of the fragrance; apple.

This product is segmented towards a younger generation of both boys and girls. This is obvious because of the people used in the ad behind, two very attractive 20 year olds. The fact that it is coed makes it special because most fragrances are not, btu this one offers a version for each. The freshness of the ad makes it attractive to people our age, and most teenagers strive to be attractive, and this ad is telling us we can do that with buying the product.

This ad reflects many things about the product itself and that is why I think the company chose it. First, it shows that the perfume is for and makes for young attractive and happy people, and that it is for both men and women. Also, it shows how fresh and in style the fragrance is. Also, it shows the theme of the fragrance which is apple, and it does this by putting a bunch of very appealing and fresh apples along the bottom of the ad. I also think it is very creative that they put the new york skyline in the reflection of the perfume bottle to represent that it is from “The Big Apple”. It is appealing, and the fact that the girl is sexily biting an apple would be attractive to men, whilst the man (as he is very attractive) would be attractive to women.

This ad is extremely well done, very professional, and since it has been the same ad for so long, obviously very successful. The only possible thing I can think of to improve the ad would be to include a little information on it, or a catchy line other than the title “Be Delicious”.

I would defiantely buy this product based on this advertisement. It definitely attracted and seduced me when I saw it, and that is exactly what an ad is trying to do. The ad makes the perfume look fresh, and delicious, which is exactly what you want out of a perfume. IT also somehow makes you believe that you’ll end up looking/being like the models in the picture when you use it, and since these people are so attractive, that is really good.

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