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Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication Essay Sample

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Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication Essay Sample

Wow as I was reading this article I could not believe that as co-author Boaz Keysar says that “People commonly believe that they communicate better with close friends than with strangers. That closeness can lead people to overestimate how well they communicate, a phenomenon we term the ‘closeness-communication bias,'” (Keysar). I always thought that I communicated very well with my husband. Well not all the time because we sometimes have strong opinions about certain things and often fight to prove that the other one is wrong. I guess you really don’t know the person that well even if you live with them for some many years. I have been with my husband for so long that we communicate we can understand each other and some days we are so off. I think that some couples rather think that they understand there spouse better then they think and rather not know that they really don’t. Some might take it as they don’t love that person enough that they really don’t know each other well and can’t really communicate well with each other.

I think that we all have our opinions based on this article and mine would have to be I think that its great that they did or are doing this kind of study cause its better to know our faults and make them right and not have to live a lie and have a better communication with our spouse. I rather know I’m wrong then live a lie with my husband. For example I love talking to my husband but some times I feel as if there was a miscommunication that we fight over it. A perfect example would have to be in my past in high school I had a really close friend that was like a sister to me and I would tell her everything like who I had a crush on things like that. I had told her that I had a crush on this guy for so long but I did not think that he would go out with me. So I left it that we and I found out that she and the guy I had like had gone out on a date and crushed me so hard. I told her that why did she did that and she said that she thought I did not like him any more just because I told he that I did not think he would go out with me and plus I never said anything any more so she got the courage to ask him out and he said yes. I was so confused and thought how could she misunderstood me.

I made it clear that I liked him but the only thing was that I said I don’t think he would go out with me making her think that I never thought I would ever go up to him and get the chance to get rejected. So it was her chance to ask him. Plus she was my friend, it hurt a lot. Well now that I’m married I don’t have to go through this again but if I ever have to go through this again I will make sure that I make it clear to let who ever I’m telling how I’m feeling that I’m going to make the effort to ask him out or at least tell them that he is off limits and that I’m going to try with him. But then again this was in high school and some girls are still this way even as an adult. Communication is the key to help some one understand to true feelings about certain things and about you situations. The best way also to not have a miscommunication would be practice personal communication tips and with others. I found my help in the Ashford University online text book of the class. I have been reading the text book more then once in order to practice my communication.

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