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Co-op And Easy Jet Essay Sample

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Co-op And Easy Jet Essay Sample

In this assignment I have been asked to compare my two organization’s Co-op and Easy Jet and describe how they both use marketing. I will do this by describing the concept of marketing, the functions of marketing, both of the organizations marketing aim’s and objectives, their principles and how effective they affect the businesses overall.

The Concept of Marketing

The marketing concept is simply what the company asks their selves about how they can increase profits to there company, what do the customers want? Can we develop it while they still want it? How can we keep the customers satisfied? The companies then come up with the conclusion to focus on the customers needs before developing the product, aligning all functions of the company to focus on those needs and realizing a profit by successfully satisfying customers needs over the long term, this is the concept of marketing. The concept of marketing also involves a lot of market research to define the market segments, their size and their needs, theses are all what the company have to aim towards in order to make a profit. In order to do this they must follow the marketing mix. There are many different market definitions; some believe that Marketing is not about providing products or services it is essentially about providing changing benefits to the changing needs and demands of the customer. Some believe that it is all about having the right product, in the right time, at the right place. Another marketing definition is that, ‘The right product, in the right place, at the right time, at the right price’ this was stated by Adcock et al. This clearly shows that it is all about having the right product at the right time.

Functions of Marketing

The functions of marketing are the broad areas of marketing that contribute towards the achievement of the marketing principles, these are clearly linked together. The marketing functions involve establishing a distinctive identity for a product or organisation in this case it Co-op and Easy Jet, plan, coordinate and monitor the marketing mix, coordinate marketing activities effectively and lastly manage changes in technology, competition and consumer tastes, Co-op and Easy Jet use all of these marketing functions in different ways.

Establishing a distinctive identity for a product or organisation

This is when the companies develop a logo or symbol that they believe their existing or new potential customers would instantly recognise the company’s logo. A good example of this is Nike. Nike has a recognisable logo, this is a tick that they place on their products so that their brand can be recognised by others even when a person is wearing their products, for example shoes then others recognise the logo. Nike has been extremely successful at this. This function is very important to businesses so that they are able to gain recognition, this can then lead to an increase in customers and a healthy profit for the businesses.


This function is very important to Co-op as there distinctive service is to care for others will selling on there goods as they see it to be more important looking after others than making a bigger profit, this is Co-ops unique selling point and this is how they have establishes a distinctive identity in there organization by simply caring for others and putting them before the company.

Easy Jet

Easy Jet also use this function, they used this straight at the begging when the company first started in 1995, but this time Easy Jets unique selling point was to provide low cost, scheduled flights are Europe. This is a very distinctive identity for Easy Jets market as it shows that they are out to provide to there costumers at a good price that is affordable for all. This is also very effective in there market at keeps their competitors worried.

Plan, coordinate and monitor the marketing mix

It is very important that a company is able to keep up with technology that its competitors are using and making for their costumers. If a business does not improve its products and updates them costumers will get bored of the product and look into new products that are up to date and their standards. Companies base this using the 7’ps of the marketing mix so that they are able to compete with their competitors.


Co-op use this very well they develop highly the changes that are needed to be made to keep up with competitors, they keep a close eye on them and monitor not only there progress but what other competitors are doing. Co-op also use the marketing mix in this, they monitor carefully the decisions the company will have to make, this would be their Product, in this case Co-op service, this is monitored closely to see what improvements they could make to increase there reputation. Price, again is monitored closely as they need to make sure the prices of there products are fair for them to make a profit and at the same time to help their fair trade fund and they do this very well. Place is very important in their chain they must make sure they have their stores in enough places and that these places are correct to receive the custom that they need and they do have this.

Promotion, again is very important as it allows the company to gain a greater reputation and allows the business to expand and become greater, Co-op also use this as they promote what they do through advertising what they do, looking after less fortunate people in third world countries. People play a big part in Co-op success, people are what the company look for in order to make a profit and for what there cause is, without people the company would be no were near as good as they are know. Processes, this is good as it shows that the company are very costumer friendly as that it was they are well known for and that is why Co-op is so successful. Lastly, physical evidence Is again plays a huge part as it shows that it is very costumer friendly, that they look out for their suppliers and that they are very caring people that provide a good service and this is well known over the globe and is carried out in most companies that Co-op is exactly that caring.

Easy Jet

Easy Jet also use this very effectively, they, develop highly the changes that are needed to be made to keep up with competitors, they keep a close eye on them and monitor not only there progress but what other competitors are doing, also Easy Jet use the marketing mix in this, they monitor carefully the decisions the company will have to make. This would include their product, in this case Easy Jets service is to provide cheap flights across Europe, this is monitored closely to see what improvements they could make to increase there reputation of the company to become the market leader. Price, again is monitored closely as they need to make sure the prices of there service is at a low cost for the costumers needs and to keep up with there reputation that they have for what they have it for, for being a low cost air line. Place is very important for easy jet as they must be advertising in the correct places and that they must be successful with that advertising and that these places are correct to receive the custom that they need and they do have this.

Promotion, again is very important as it allows the company to gain a greater reputation and allows the business to expand and become greater, Easy Jet also use promotion, again is very important as it allows the company to gain a greater reputation and allows the business to expand and become greater, Easy Jet also use this as they promote what they do through advertising on televisions, radios and also through out travel agents by showing us what they do, to provide a good service for a low cost price around Europe by aeroplane. People play a big part in Easy Jets success, people are what the company look for in order to make a profit to bring them costume to their service, without people the company would be no were near as good as they are know as they would not have the service to provide to them. Physical evidence again plays a part as it shows that it is very costumer friendly, that they looking out for their costumers by supplying a cheap service to the people at a respectable price.

Coordinate marketing activities effectively

There are many different stages and decisions that have to be made when a product is to be made and launched. Most companies have many different departments these usually include the marketing team, the design department of the company, the distribution and lastly the sales team. These are all important so that they are able to bring out a new product, that is successful, that is able to compete in the market and is sold successfully.


Co-op would take this by launching out a new range of product to catch the customer’s eye and to bring their levels up as everyone likes to see and test the latest product. This would involve a running of a new programme for example by Co-op to help people in third world countries. This involves every member of the Co-op team, they all help in order for Co-op to be successful and it works extremely well as they have become extremely important to the market and this is due to Co-op’s team that they have available to them and work together as part of a team.

Easy Jet

Easy Jet would include updating their planes, giving the planes the latest technology and nicer seats etc, this is again what the public are looking for as it would catch their eye and give them a reason to try it out. This is all down to Easy Jet’s team that they have, they all come together and work as part of a team to design, sell and provide the best they can for their customers. This is why they have been so successful due to their team that they have available to them.

Manage Changes In Technology, Competition and Consumer Tastes

This is important, as markets tend to have a variety of analytical techniques to manage a change. All the techniques taken together are generally called a ‘situational analysis. This helps the businesses be able to change effectively and fit into their markets with minimum fuss.


This is important to Co-op as they need to be able to use this by being able to change a product with effectiveness and be able to change a product without effecting their costumers and suppliers. Co-op uses this as they have never had any complaints about the changing of their products and they have been able to keep up with technology in their stores and products.

Easy Jet

Easy Jet is able to use this as they have managed to keep up with technology and keep up with other airlines; these are also their competitors. Air lines are changing at all times as technology is improving, these include more space being available, aeroplanes becoming more comfortable and there is more for costumers on the aircrafts. Easy Jet has been able to improve all these changes effectively by being aware of the competitors.

How SMART marketing objectives link into corporate objectives

SMART marketing simply the marketing objectives of a company, set out in detailed terms in order to make the objective more reachable for the business.

Specific: The objectives of a business that must be related to the business and must be accurate to make sure the objective is achieved and successful.

Measurable: The objective must be measured it will then mean that the business can see how well they are doing to achieving their objectives.

Achievable: A business needs to make an objective that the business is likely to achieve. This is so that the business has something realistic to achieve and also there is no point setting an objective that a business is no likely achieve as it would be a waste of time.

Realistic: A businesses objective must be realistic because if it is a small business they should not have aims that they cannot achieve and that are out of their reach, as again this would be a waste of time.

Time-related: The objective must be timed so that the business knows when the objective needs to be achieved by and what the business needs to do to achieve their objective top become even more successful.

It is extremely important that the marketing objectives and corporate objectives relate to each other and that they both come together for the business to succeed in their chosen market. The corporate objectives should take a strong role on the marketing objectives, as they should both be trying to achieve the same things to make the business stronger. Corporate objectives would involves things such as To be market leader, in order for the company to do this they must achieve in their marketing objectives, these would include to cut down to lower prices on their products in order to compete with competitors. To increase their market share of 5%. For a company to achieve an increase in a market share of 5% the business must meet many marketing objectives. Some of these objectives would include things like increasing their advertising campaign to create more awareness of the business itself and product it is offering. This just goes to show us that without the marketing objectives a business will not be able to achieve the corporate objectives; this is how they both link together.

Types of Legal Constraints on Marketing

There are many laws that are in place to constraint marketing and make it fair for all businesses to succeed in their markets. These include Sales of goods act 1979, Competition Commission, Trades description act 1968, Consumer credit act 2006, and lastly the Data protection act 1998.

Sales of goods act 1979

The sales of goods act, this is important as it makes sure that products are at a good safety standard, and of a good quality. This is important as it shows that the product is being sold as it is described by advertising etc. This means that customers satisfactory will be high and the number of complaints will be very low as they will not be expecting something great and receiving something dole.

Competition Commission

The competition commission, this is an organisation that makes sure that the market is fair for all types of businesses in their market and looks out for anti-competitive behaviour that may harm other business, making sure that it is fair for smaller businesses to succeed. The Competitive Commission looks out for things like businesses spending too much on advertising; this is so that they do not get a huge advantage over small companies starting up.

Trades description act 1968

The trades description act makes sure that business do not mislead there customers and that all statements and comments about the product is 100% correct and that it is advertised in a correct manor. This would include how the product was made, what the product is made from for example if a business states that the jumper is made from cotton and it is not then that would be classed as braking the act. The products also must be tested out, if the company state that a watch is water resistance then it must be 100% water resistant, if the product is not then again they are braking the act.

Consumer credit act 2006

The consumer credit is set out to protect customers who have brought products from credit. This makes sure that customers know fully about the agreement with the business that they have to avoid them losing money etc. So that the customer knows how the annual percent is being calculated. So that the customer knows what will happen if the deal has expired or finished too early and also the borrowers are not borrowing to much money that they could loss the business.

Data protection act 1998

The data protection act is very important to customers of a business that the company use businesses. The law makes sure that businesses have to keep customer details safe and cannot share details with others. This then makes it safe for customers to shop, as there details will be safe. The act makes sure that details are used for the purpose that the details were given for, kept up to date, that they are protected and kept safe, not given to 3rd party companies and lastly not shared with by any other people even if it is other companies the data must always be kept safe and secure.

Types of Voluntary constraints on marketing

The voluntary constraints from a business are the separate organisations that are set out to help businesses and customers buy and sell in a fair place market and not get ripped off. These organisations include ASA, Ofcom and Pressure Group.


The ASA monitors the advertising campaigns throughout the United Kingdom. The ASA is set out to make advertisements legal and honest so that customers and business are truthful to one and other. The ASA make sure that adverts don’t cause offence to the people watching. ASA deal with both printed advertisements and broadcast adverts.


Ofcom are the regulator of the UK advertising. This means that they are responsible for television advertisements and also the radio advertisements. Ofcom makes sure that all the adverts are suitable for the different types of media and suit everyone’s needs and not to offend the public.

Pressure group

The pressure group are set out to influence advertising, for example if there are people who don’t what cigarettes to be advertised on TV, due to health hazards and believe that it is then therefore wrong for businesses to advertise the product widely out to the public. Pressure groups therefore have a huge influence on what adverts go on the Televisions and radios across the United Kingdom.

Green Issues

Customers have all become increasingly aware of green issues that the planet is now facing. These issues can still be resolved and most companies are beginning to realise that customers like a product that is healthy fort the planet or a company that does its best for their planet and the health of others. A good example of this is when a company recycles their waste of the product etc. This is important to customers and builds up a healthy reputation within the company allowing them to gain a greater market share.

Organization Objectives linking with there Marketing Objectives

It is important that marketing objectives and plans support the overall business objectives, in order that the organisation has a common purpose. The overall objectives of the business should have a strong influence on the marketing objectives and plans of the business. The organizational objectives of the company would involve things such as improving their performance etc.

Co-ops organizational objectives are, to strive for world-class levels of a business performance. To open responsible and rewarding stores, putting co-op’s values and principles into everyday practise. To enhance the lives of our people, members, customers and the communities in which we trade. The last organizational objective would be, to work for the long-term success of the co-op sector. These objectives came form, http://www.cooperative.coop/corporate/groupoverveiw/ourvisionandaims/

Easy Jets organizational objectives are ‘to provide our customers with safe, good value, point-to-point air services. To offer a consistent and reliable product fares appealing to leisure and business markets on a range of European routes. To achieve this we will develop our people and establish lasting relationship’s with our suppliers’ this organizational objective was also found at the company main website at http://www.easyjet.com/EN/About?index.html.

Co-op and Easy Jets Organizational Objectives that I have stated above are both linked with the company’s marketing objectives, these are linked because the two company both wish to succeed in their markets through there costumers satisfaction, this is very important as it will give them a larger profit and a better turn over. This is in both companies marketing objectives. This is how the Co-ops and Easy Jets organizational objectives meet with their marketing objectives.

Marketing principles and the Marketing Activities by Co-op and Easy Jet

Marketing Principles of Co-op and Easy Jet

The marketing principles are very similar for both of the companies the marketing principles include, understanding costumer needs, keeping ahead of the competition, communicating effectively with consumers and utilising new technology. These are all both used by the companies.

Understanding Customer’s Needs

This is very important that a company is able to do this, as customers are one of the most important stakeholders in any businesses. It is important that a company does not upset the needs of a customer and is able to keep them satisfied and a company does this by understanding the customers needs at all times.


Co-op use this very effectively, they aim to provide a service that is to the costumers satisfaction and needs, it is essential that Co-op uses this and it works very effectively, this is why they are a respectable company. They use they satisfaction of the companies as they offer them to have what they want, they do this by carrying out surveys, and interacting with the community, they meet costumer’s needs by producing fair trade food at good prices.

Easy Jet

Easy Jet uses this very well; they understand the customer’s needs by providing a low priced service, this service to travel their costumers all around the world at affordable prices. Easy Jet know that the customers wish to have low priced flights but at the same time good service throughout there journey. The market for Easy Jet is very competitive as there is many different air lines in there position pushing to provide a cheap affordable service, however Easy jet have came up with the highest profit due to meeting these needs early.

Keeping ahead of the competition

This marketing principle is very important to Co-op it allows them to have a good lead in the market share, it is very important for Co-op as their market is becoming increasingly more competitive with more awareness to the poor countries around the world and more companies trying to help. For example if there competitors delivered products to the costumer’s doors, Co-op would have to come up with a good idea in order to keep up with the competition and their most current competitors.

Easy Jet has many major competitors, so it is essential that they aim to keep ahead of competition to keep their profits up and costumers coming in. for example if British air ways lowered prices then Easy Jet must do this in order to keep up with the competition.

Communicating effectively with consumers

This marketing principle is used very well as Co-op promote their sales very well and effectively, they promote this very often via their website to ensure that their latest sales are available for them to see. This is why they are successful, if a business did not promote their products the company would not succeed.

Easy Jet also use this very effectively but more than the Co-op, Easy Jet promote their business and their latest offers via there website and also over companies website, this gives the public more chance to see what they are bout and what offers they can get with the company and the deals that they may receive. This is why Easy Jet is as successful as they have promoted well and have a strong advertisement campaign.

Utilising Technology

Co-op uses this as it is very important that they do this to keep up with their competitors, and keep their costumer’s up to date with the technology as they are always looking for new technology. Co-op use utilising technology by keeping up with up to date programmes that they provide to help third world countries, using up to techniques and equipment to help the people.

Easy Jet use up to date technology in order to keep their costumers happy and satisfied this is important as they look for new exciting things. The latest technology that they use is on there planes would include the latest televisions and much more to keep the costumers happy. This is very important to keep their costumers satisfied and to keep their competitors at bay.

The Marketing mix of Co-op and Easy Jet

The marketing mix consists of 4 different stages these include, product, price, place, promotion. Co-op and Easy Jet both use this all very effectively to make the business more successful.


This is the company’s product that they have for the public to buy.


For Co-op it is selling fair trade goods to the people at reasonable prices will helping and providing their suppliers and the people who make the food with good money.

Easy Jet

Easy Jets product is a service to the public via aeroplane travel at low costs, this is a service rather than a product, and they aim to provide affordable travel to all types of people with a good high quality service.


This is the prices that a company use to the public, this is important for the business to make a profit and provide there product at reasonable prices at the same time.


Co-ops price is very important, they have to raise the prices of their products in order to provide for the third world countries but at the same time they need to make a profit, however they must be careful not to price to high, as costumers would not like this.

Easy Jet

Easy Jet offer a service that is affordable to the public, this is at low costs to meet the costumer’s needs, this is important that the prices are kept low, however it must not be so low that the company are not making a profit and the business may be at risk of losing money, this is why pricing is very important to Easy Jet.


This is how the consumers can get the product and service and how they can use them.


Co-op uses this very well as they offer a service that they provide all over the globe, however they maintain there products in stores through out their store in the United Kingdom. They provide a website that offers the public to look and engage their services that they do over the world.

Easy Jet

Easy Jet use place very effectively but mainly through their advertising campaign, they offer a good service that the public can see through advertisement through the televisions, in travel agents and many more.


This is very important to a company as it can often make the difference between a good business and a bad business and also can depend on surviving or the business becoming bankrupt.


Co-op use this to provide a service that is offered to the public, they provide there promotion mainly by advertising through there Internet website and much more.

Easy Jet

Easy Jet use this to make sure that their service is being promoted to the

Public, they promote this by making sure that they have their latest offers on site for there customers to see mainly through advertising in travel agents, websites etc.


E marketing is the emergence of e marketing is being to fundamentally change the nature of marketing. That business need to be able top be competitive in their market as it allows them to look deeper and to decide the best for their company.

The collection of market research

The collection of marketing research information can be easily undertaken through Internet surveys and the use of search engines like Goggle to identify sources of relevant information.


Co-op use this as they use market research to find out what the costumers needs and wants, they do this by carrying out frequent surveys and question airs on the internet.

Easy Jet

Easy Jet use this as they offer again surveys over the internet to find out what the customers needs are, they do this to improve their service.

The Construction of Sophisticated Databases uses

The Construction of Sophisticated Databases uses, not simply to mail people more junk mail, but also to amylase consumer behaviour and generate more effective marketing communications material.


Co-op do this as they offer there latest deals via the internet through emails etc and the internet pop ups with there latest causes that they offer.

Easy Jet

Easy Jet also do this as they offer there latest deals through emails to the costumers hotmail accounts and many more, they like Co-op also have regular pop ups over the internet to catch the eyes of the customers.

New Methods of promotion

New methods of promotion are available, such as banner advertising, affiliate programmes etc.


Co-op uses this as they offer new methods of advertising but mainly through the internet and many more, this mainly include ‘junk email’ and much more.

Easy Jet

Easy Jet offers very much similar to Co-op the new methods of adverting are very similar in all of the business, as they all know what works and what does not.

Organisations can become Marketing orientated

Organisation can become very much marketing orientated through being more responsive and flexible. Email allows better access to key managers for customers to express views and pass on comments.


Co-op tend to use this as they have a contact link via the website, this makes the costumers happy and wanted as they feel that Co-op will listen to them and are interested in what the company feels and needs to know what the costumers say.

Easy Jet

Easy Jet use this very well they have many links and a phone line for the costumer’s complaints and needs, the comments may even be useful to the company and make the company stronger and make them want to care for the costumers needs more.

Details of Consumers can be collected cost effectively

Details of consumers can be collected cost effectively, by asking online shoppers to register if they want some extra information from the site or by using loyalty card data.


Co-op uses this to provide data for their services in order to provide them with there latest deals and needs.

Easy Jet

Easy Jet uses this to provide them with the data needed in order to meet with the costumers needs and to provide the company with an insight of what the company must do.

The Effectiveness of the concepts and Principles to the Marketing

The effectiveness of the concepts and principles are both very important to Co-op and Easy Jet as they need to ensure that they both get them correct and are able to get the correct and complete them.

Easy Jet Services and Products

Easy Jet has many services and products that they can offer to there costumers at any time. These include flights, hotels and apartments, car rental, travel insurance, airport transfers, airport parking and also Easy Jet credit card.

Co-ops Services and Products

Co-op also have many different services and products, these include food, financial services (banking, investing), travel, pharmacy, funeral care, legal services and also insurance.

Marketing Activities of both Co-op and Easy Jet

Co-op and Easy Jet both have the same marketing activities and are both linked together these include Selling there products and services, using market research, advertising the latest deals to secure more costumers and also promotion of there green policy in order to keep the costumers satisfied and to keep a greener planet.

Selling there products

Easy Jet

In order for Easy Jet To sell all of there products they need to allow customers to buy there products and services online as well as in travel agents and over the phone etc they do this via the websites that they are on such as http://www.directline-flights.co.uk, this shows how easy it is to get Easy Jet flights and how popular they are. Also Easy Jet allows customers to book flights through high street travel agents such as Thomas Cook etc. As Easy Jet sell all these products and services in many different ways it means that customers have a variety of methods to go through meaning customers are more likely to buy from easy jet as they know it is a safe and secure service.

This is why I believe that Easy Jet are very successful in their marketing activities of selling there product and I believe it is equally effective as there are many ways to buy there products and services twenty four hours a day.

The co-op

The co-op sells food products in stores throughout the United Kingdom.

The problem being is that most of the co-ops services can only be bought using the phone or on there website limiting people to buy there services easily. An example of this would be that the co-op holidays that I found were on the co-op website meaning this service is limited and not accessible.

This is why I believe that the Easy Jets activity of selling there products is much better than the co-ops as it allows customers more choice of how they buy their services, because they can book there flights in a travel agents, via many websites whereas the co-op is limited on how they sell there products as it is only on the one website and not often in stores. These are the reasons why I believe that Easy Jet are much better in this.

Market research

Easy Jet

Firstly, Easy Jet allow the customers to contact them with there problems and concerns with a help line that is open seven days a week, allowing Easy Jet to improve there service to their costumers as they can see their customers needs and wants. This has allowed Easy Jet to create a Q&A where they answer most frequently questions to help customers who are having problems with there services allowing better customer service online as well as over the phone.

Another type of market research that Easy Jet have done is to make sure that there prices are competitive with their most current competitors for example Ryan air.


The co-op also allows its customer to contact them 24 hours a day, the co-op has to learn of the problems and situations that are needed to improve their business allowing them to improve there service and make it better for there customers. However the co-ops biggest type of market research is its loyalty card. This works when people sign up for the loyalty card it means that they give there details to the co-op so that the co-op can make a big database of their costumers so that they can send them the latest offers that may appeal top them to increase the amount of costumers they will have. Also whenever people use the loyalty card when buying a product the co-op can see what products have been bought allowing them to see the trends in the products customers have bought, allowing them to plan each year how much stock they are likely to need throughout the year to increase sales. It also allows the co-op to send vouchers to customers depending on what they normally buy meaning they are more likely to shop at the co-op because they have vouchers they want and will need; it is all about meeting the costumer’s needs.

I believe that the co-op is more effective when it comes to market research as they are able to get a lot more data from people allowing them to predict how much stock they will need during the year saving them money and to see what sort of financial state they are looking to be in.. They can also target customers easier as they know exactly what products they buy so they can sell on to their costumers. This shows that the co-op knows everything about their customers allowing them to change to meet their customer’s needs easily.

Advertising the latest deals

Easy Jet

Easy Jet have a great advertising campaign, they have done a lot to promote there latest deals on there website. Easy Jet always advertise there special deals such as Halloween deals and Christmas deals to customers so that they can see them clearly on the home page to see what offers appeal to them and to draw in the costumers. This is clearly shown on http://www.visit4info.com/brand/Easyjet-Airline/4384.


The co-op also advertise there latest deals on offer via their website, advertising half price products that are available at the costumers local store to try and bring them in. This is also advertised over the television.

Both the co-op and Easy Jet advertise their products over television and on there websites, this is so that a lot of people know about the business and what they have to offer. Both the co-op and Easy Jet advertise on the TV allowing many costumers to see their latest deals. I believe that on the website Easy Jet advertise their deals better as they show all of there latest deals at the times of there products on there home page, this is so that as soon as people visit the website they will be able to see the offer, whereas the co-op does not do this and is the opposite. This is why I think that Easy Jet advertises its deals better than the co-op as it is easier for the customer to see and take in the deals.

Promotion of there green policy

Easy Jet

Easy Jet has a section on its website where it shows all of its green policies that it hopes to achieve and has to offer. This shows us that it promotes that the planes are now more economically friendly both in the air and on the ground and are doing everything they can to give us a healthy planet to live on.


Co-op has a much larger economical and ethical policy than Easy Jet. The co-op has several different campaigns that it supports which include

climate change, this is to make sure they are using re usable energy sources and saving as much energy as possible to help the environment, also using more recyclable products like recyclable bags, bottles etc. Employee engagement, this is where employees will help the communities such as for volunteering and fundraising for good causes to help third world countries etc.

For these reasons I believe that the co-op has a bigger impact with its green and ethical decisions than Easy Jet. The co-op has a lot more ethical issues that it deals with than Easy Jet, for example the co-op make sure that the food it buys comes from a good source and that everything is bough in a fair way and that its suppliers get a good amount of money etc. Where as Easy Jet concentrates only on the environment, not the people and their suppliers. The co-op makes sure that its products have come from an ethical place otherwise they will not sell them. These are the reasons why I believe that Co-op is much better in this.

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What is market fragmentation, and what are its consequences for marketers?Market fragmentation refers to the notion that a market comprises of diverse and different segments. These segments have their own particular requirements, necessities, backgrounds, and a different response to marketing messages. Different mobile phone applications, channels, magazines based on customer needs are some examples of market fragmentation. The emergence of such segments increases competition and...

LensCrafters strategy

Evaluate LensCrafters’ operations strategy and explain how the organization seeks to gain a competitive advantage in terms of sustainability About Lenscrafter LensCrafters is a universal eyewear and shades organization headquartered at UnitedStates. The organization is having 90 stores in the U.S and was established in 1983 by E. DeanButler. Presently the organization is having 850 stores over the globe. The principle highlight of the company is...

Three key characteristics of the marketing concept

Identifying customer needs and wants- In case study, Ralph Chapman Recognizing that the great depression in the UK meant that the many of his poorest customers needed an affordable source of Vitamin C. Developing products to meet customer needs and want- In case study, Ralph Chapman develop a way to bottle his fruit juices to enable them to stay fresher for longer and providing a...

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