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For our assignment of watching a movie and writing a review on it, I decided to watch Coach Carter. It is about a man, Ken Carter who takes a coaching job at a run-down high school coaching an undisciplined boys’ basketball team. To be on the team the players must sign contracts, stating that they will have a 2.3 grade point average, attend all of their classes, sit in the front row and wear suit and ties on game days.

When Coach Carter starts out the players are focused on themselves, they have a terrible record, go to a rundown school and have no respect for anyone. Once Carter begins conditioning the players and setting rules the players begin to follow them and slowly get better.

After winning their first game the team begins to believe in Coach Carter; they become focused on practicing and winning and go on to win 16 games making them undefeated. The team seems to have come together until Coach Carter gets their progress reports from class. Half of the team is failing or getting incompletes in classes. Following his contract Carter locks up the gym cancelling practices and games.

I believe that this movie ties into Leadership and Team Communication because Coach Carter has many of the qualities that we have discussed in class. He is strong-willed, charismatic, reliable, responsible, and credible. When the lockout is ended by the board and Coach Carter terminates his job as basketball coach. The players come together and refuse to play until they have reached Carters goals and he is their coach. It shows that he is finally respected by the players and that they see him as a leader.

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