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Have you ever had an adventure that you remember clearly and want to go back to that time? I do and right now I am remembering pictures from MY adventure. I remember clearly and that time I was exactly 10 years old.

My family and I were in a plane moving to Florida and what is Florida? A sunshine state right, not too cold of a place Well, let me just tell you this it was cold in Canada. Our plane had some problem and it had to stop INSTANTLY! I was sleeping when my mom woke me up I looked out and saw SNOW! Snow had always been my dreams I always loved the snow and I always loved winter.

I wasn’t sure I was confused it was freezing and I was wearing short sleeved shirt and jeans. I had no jacket because we never knew that we would have a problem and stop in Canada in a coldest place. We had clothes for Florida, a hot sunny state! The plane had provided us blankets and not everyone in the plane had jackets like us so we wrapped ourselves around with 7 or 8 blankets it was terrible but it got better. I GOT TO SEE SNOW FOR THE FIRST TIME! I actually saw snow when I was 2 or 3 years old in New York but that’s it and I didn’t remember.

Though it was freezing, before on planning on coming to Florida I had told my parents to move to a snowy place but instead we planned to move to Florida. We had a key to hotel and when we tried to open with it the key was jammed so we had to go get another key. While running in the snow I had learned my lesson; not to run in snow. I had slipped hard, bleeding really hard we had hurry when we finally a key that opened the door. I felt horrible. I was fine when my mom helped me; my parents had yelled at me but I didn’t know. That night I fell asleep while looking at the snow fall. When we had eaten breakfast the next mourning I had begged my parents to let me in the snow but they said no because of the slipping and everything. I had begged a lot. They had finally agreed. So, my 2 brothers and I played in the cold cold snow. I remember the snow man and the snow fight we had clearly. I slipped and my brothers did too but not that bad. When we left I was happy and I kept looking down at the snow while we left for Florida. It was the best thing I could ask for. Me and my brothers talked about this forever and now it’s a huge and big adventure for me. The snow is fun.

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