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Trade unions are organisations made up of members who are mainly workers. It is one of a trade union’s primary goals to protect and promote the interests and welfare of its members. Most trade unions that exist are independent of employers. However, these organisations do strive to develop good working relationships with the companies or businesses that employ their members. Sometimes, this can result in a partnership agreement between the trade union and an employer. Some of the services that trade unions provide to their members are: negotiating agreements regarding wages and working conditions; discussing major workplace changes like large scale redundancy; discussing the concerns of members with employers; accompanying members to grievance and disciplinary meetings; providing members with financial and legal advice; and providing members education facilities as well as certain consumer benefits like discounts on insurance.

Members of trade unions can also benefit from training and other learning activities sponsored or provided by the organisations. Trade unions are not limited to representing the interests of their members in the workplace. They can also lobby the government and other public bodies in order to ask for the creation of policies which can promote their goals. As a worker, it would be in your best interest to become a member of a trade union for your profession. This can significantly increase your chances of becoming successful in your chosen field since there would be others who would look out for you and advance your welfare. Find out how you can join a trade union in your workplace and the benefits that it can give you by consulting with your colleagues.

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