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The entrance examination of Central Philippines State University – Moises Padilla Campus for freshmen and transferees is taken traditionally. Basically, delay of enrolment of new students in school is caused by the deferment of entrance examination results. The manual checking of papers is time-consuming. However, the proposed College Entrance Examination allows for fast relieve of exam results. The exam results are electronically calculated for accuracy.

Project Context

The rationale of this project is to provide better and hassle-free examination procedures. The system will minimize the work of the examiner and make it faster. The purpose of this is to make the school entrance examination simpler and lessen the expenses of the school. The proposed examination system provides the school a modern, fast and easy way of administering the exam. The examinee’s exam result is automatically generated right after the examination is completed.

The proponents were aware of the problem encountered during the entrance exam which is conducted manually, as a result, the researcher proposed this College Entrance Examination Management System for the Central Philippines University – Moises Padilla Campus.

Automated entrance exam is more reliable than the written exam. The information is secured. This project was developed with software engineering technique with the required hardware and software requirements.

Purpose and Description

The Entrance Examination System works as design. The system provides for fast and easy way of taking the an entrance exam on the part of the examinee, a convenient way of administering the exam on the part of the examiner, and a quick way of getting the exam results on the part of the examinee and the examiner.

The persons who will be benefitted from the study are the following:

The Examiner. This project helps the examiner for an efficient and well-organized examination.

The Examinee. This project will immediately generate results of the examinee.

The Future Researcher. This would serve as a reference for them to developed software of this kind if proven to be effective.


To create the College Entrance Examination Management System for Central Philippines State University – Moises Padilla Campus is designed and developed to:
1. Lessen the work of examiner;
2. Provide security for keeping all records;
3. Provide security of the questionnaire by providing random questions for every examinee;
4. Produce quick examination results.

Scope and Limitations

The proposed system if intended to students who want to enrol in Central Philippines State University – Moises Padilla Campus. The examination can only be taken inside the designated area and only the examiner is given the authority to operate the computers when the examination begins. Examinee is given random questions to answer in a given time. The entrance examination system is activated upon the registration of the examinee. The exam result is automatically generated right after the exam submission by the examinee. Only the administrator / examiner / chairperson can view and print the exam results. Our system runs only in LAN connection we are not connected on the internet or websites. User interface is developed using PHP as a front-end and MY SQL for the back-end to establish a connection between the CPSU-MP College Entrance Examination System and the database.

Definition of Terms

To achieve understanding about the project, the following terms are operationally defined.

College Entrance Examination. This refers to the software design and developed by the proponents in administering of exam.

Examinee. This refers to a person that may be a transferee or high school graduate student who takes the entrance exam.

Examiner. In this system, it refers to the personnel or in-charge who administers the entrance exam.

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