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1. Actively participating in numerous community activities, I have sought to serve Jesus Christ through initiatives at my church. Involved in Grace Baptist Church’s Youth Program, I have also taken part in building homes for the poor with Habitat for Humanity project and assisted the mentally handicapped at the Christian City Home. As leader of Boy Scout Troop 7, I helped young members of our church apply their abilities to

abilities to helping those in need. I have always seen active involvement in community projects as important component of my faith and tried to lead others in this service.

2. One incident in which I experienced difficulties that seemed insurmountable at first occurred when I was leading Boy Scout Troop. Always able to evoke enthusiasm in my group, I once had a new guy added to our group who seemed to resist my attempts to foster friendship, commitment and good rapport inside the group. It took me time to adjust to this behaviour and find out the reasons. I had an open talk with him once, after which our relationship became much warmer and more open. In the end, he proved to be as enthusiastic as others about our activities.

3. If I had a chance to talk with any person in the world, I would choose to talk to Ethiopia’s President Meles Zenawi, not because I admire him more than other people, but on the contrary, because I have been shocked by the atrocities happening in this country. I feel deep sympathy for Zenawi’s political opponents, kept in prisons where they are given just a loaf of bread a day and risk contracting HIV/AIDS using the same razor. Without illusions about the impact of my words on a dictator, I would still try to use persuasion to change prisoners’ fate.

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