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Economic external factors that may affect the toy’s sells and market performance will be analyzed according to the showed table, where most data is relevant and reflex the last fiscal balance in Colombia. Our country is registering a 4.5% economic growth, which means that the GDP is growing in a direct proportion, statistics from DANE show that the GDP is growing a 2.8% compared to the last quarter. And that GDP growth let us conclude that if the population doesn’t increment in a high proportion, there will be more GDP per capita (which finalized in 2012 in 8.089), and also, there will be more disposable income in each Colombian family, and they will have more money to spend in goods and most important: Toys. Complementing the given information, as we can see in the table, only 10,4% of the total population is in condition of unemployment, which not only support a good moment in the Colombian economy but also let us know that trough creation of new jobs (whether they come from government or private sector), is reducing poverty index which is a fact that help us supporting the growing of disposable income inside the country.

In other words, we could say that due to the decreasing index of poverty, unemployment and inequality, people is getting to the possibility to buy more and off course in most cases that will involve toys. Another positive fact is the low inflation index, where prices don’t go up and automatically make decrease the demand. As in the table says, at the end of 2012 it was just a 2,8 inflation raise, which means that industry in general is maintaining stable and solid.

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